Dispatches: Carpentersville, IL

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Carpentersville, Illinois, Trustees have initiated an effort to pass the IIRA and English Only acts passed by Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

A growing population of illegal aliens has had a negative effect on the town:

“I have been following what other villages and communities have been doing around the country to try and find a solution to the problem,” Humpfer said. “We want to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to live in the village. That is the extent of it.”

Two main issues — crowding and a spike in public safety costs — prompted Humpfer to take action on the measure.

Legal residents of the village are unfairly shouldering health care, educational and other expenses of illegal immigration, Humpfer said.

“Our need for officers with special training and equipment has increased with the growing gang problem in the village, and thus has increased the cost of this service to the village,” he said. “The need for public safety services increases when we have people living in the shadows of society who are using village services.”

Although details are not finalized, Humpfer said the police department would likely enforce the ordinance. He said landlords could face fines while business owners could lose licenses, in addition to being fined.

The latest news from Carpentersville is below the fold.

Sparks fly over Carpentersville proposal on illegal immigrants

The illegal immigration debate in Carpentersville will likely spill over to the next village board meeting.

What began as a civilized audit and finance commission meeting Wednesday night quickly turned into a hostile, 45-minute debate complete with accusations, finger pointing and dissent.

After the commission moved on the issue of rental unit inspection and licensing, commission Chairman Paul Humpfer introduced a discussion item he said was related to residential housing and rental units: illegal immigration.

“I have seen an increase in gang activity, crime, overcrowding, and I am concerned there are illegal aliens living in the village,” said Humpfer, to the applause of some residents in attendance. “There have been situations that found people who are illegal aliens are living here.”

Humpfer cited several instances, including the writing off of more than $372,000 in ambulance bills because two collection agencies “could not find these people.”

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Bill Reichling said:

Good for Carptersville. There will be more in IL. to take the same stand. They have my support in any way they need.

It'll be happening everywhere, Bill. The people are being heard.

Maritza said:

Good for Carpentersville!!! I have daughters in district 300 and schools are so crowded with peoples' kids that don't have to pay their share of property taxes. Come to America legally!!!!

Kelly said:

I hope it happens in Mundelein and Elgin next. It's time the people take a stand. These Illegals have NO rights. GO CARPENTERSVILLE!!!

Joe said:

I cant believe that we as Americans have to fight to make our language the OFFICIAL language spoken, it blows my mind. I think people forget that the people against this policy are Illegal. If memory serves me right illegal means against the law, people who are against the law are criminals, criminals don't have many rights, as such why are these people even picketing this policy, shouldn't they be arrested,again their ILLEGAL. I think a big change is coming, and good.

Kevin said:

In fact, the people against making English, or any other language, the official language in the US, are not just illegal immigrants. Apparently the movement to make the language official here has only taken off from the 1980's. Yahoo yields this site:

Maybe one of the reasons the US has never had an official language is because we realize the power that language yields and can have over those who don't understand/speak/use a particular language. And how problematic creating an official language becomes when you sit down and try to enact or legislate it. A quick look into Critical Discourse Analysis will help one learn the language about why language and discourse analysis is so frought with issues. Mr. Jan Bloemmart is a good start, if you feel like purchasing any of his work.

Matt said:

This just isn't going to happen. Put the town's financial and legal position in jeopardy -- for what? Because housing codes aren't being enforced and a $372,000 ambulance write-off that cannot be directly attributed to illegals? It's not going to send illegals out of the U.S., it only *might* get them to migrate to other towns in the area or around the U.S.

Doesn't seem a sound

Daisy said:

I just don't understand all of this "in your face" demanding of US services from those who are NOT US citizens.

Why aren't they marching and demanding of their own country's governments to accomodate their needs?

Too many seem to be arriving in the US illegally with a bad attitude.

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