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The Post had a good article the other day on the sea change in focus on solving the illegal immigration problem. Earlier this year, nearly every local elected official blew off questions about illegal aliens by saying "it's a federal problem."

Lately, not so much:

But that accommodation for the burgeoning illegal population ended abruptly in April, when the Mecklenburg County sheriff's office began to enforce immigration law, placing more than 100 people a month into deportation proceedings. Some of them had been charged with violent crimes, others with traffic infractions.

The program takes one of the most aggressive stances in the United States toward illegal immigrants, and officials in scores of communities, including Herndon and Loudoun County, have been considering adopting their own version. The House earlier this month was weighing a measure "reaffirming" the authority of local law enforcement agencies to arrest people on suspicion of violating immigration laws...

Besides Mecklenburg, six other state and local law enforcement agencies have started similar programs in recent years. A dozen more are being worked out with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And in the past three months, hundreds of state and local departments have inquired about similar efforts, said Robert J. Hines, who heads the program for the ICE.

"When you are removing the criminal element from the community, it's hard to point a finger and say it's a bad thing," Hines said.

Loudoun County Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson said his department is considering participating....

There are valid reasons to argue that any crackdown on illegal aliens creates a humanitarian dilemma. Certainly it does.

But there is also the humanitarian dilemma of American citizens who have seen their jobs eliminated or wages slashed by companies that have recourse to the cheap labor offered by illegal aliens. It's happened in Loudoun County, where construction, contracting and general blue-collar occupations have been downgraded by the influx of illegal workers.

Anyone remember what happened after Hurricane Katrina? Problem in a nutshell: The local black population got screwed because the companies doing the rebuilding saved some bucks by using illegal workers. More here.

The other humanitarian problem is our neighborhoods. It's nice to cut the people from other countries a break. It's not so nice when this is the result.

These photos were all taken last Sunday morning in my neighborhood. All of these depict violations of current zoning regulations or general rules of civil behavior. I've got LOTS more like these.





From a humanitarian perspective, what do we say to the long-time Sterling residents who a couple years ago did not have to deal with houses with nine cars, or commercial equipment, or general blight, as their neighbors?

Here's the kicker: In order to report any of these violations, Sterling residents have to fill out a somewhat intimidating complaint form that affirms - I will show up in court to affirm this complaint. From my experience, NO ONE will submit the form because they are afraid of retaliation by foreign nationals inhabiting many of these residences. In my immediate neighborhood, in fact, the only resident I know of who has submitted a complaint was the victim of vandalism soon thereafter.

With the only reporting apparatus putting the onus on legal, law-abiding citizens to put their neck out against blatant lawbreakers, the community safety program in Loudoun County is clearly broken. No wonder the citizens have been quiet.

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Moderate 5-19 said:

Not about this issue:

Joe and all, how can the NoVA contibutors not post a thread on Mark Foley? If this was a Democrat the Town Hall Blog would be all over this issue; but no comments on a GOP member who sends inappropriate IMs to a child and a GOP leadership who looks the other way?

Shame on you!

I didn't know he was gay until after he resigned. It was relevant to my day job but I haven't followed the story with regard to the GOP leadership's treatment of it.

I really don't think it would have been much more interesting to me if he'd been a Democrat.

Feel free to fill me in further, Mod.

Moderate 5-19 said:

This has nothing to do with rather he is gay or not. If he had been sending inappropriate IMs to a 16 year old female it would be just as bad.

Supposedly (and I admit this is still media reports) the leadership of the GOP learned of IMs last June that Foley sent to Congressional a Page. The were said to be “overly friendly”. It has now come to light that he sent other e-mails and IMs to other pages that were flat out sexual in nature. Asking questions like “do I make you a little horney”?

My issues is that the GOP leadership left Foley in place as Chairperson of the Committee of Missing and Exploited Children, they did not ask for a ethical probe, (even one that would have been internal), and in fact did nothing but simply tell Foley to cease contact with the young man.

If they believed anything was the least bit inappropriate they should have done some kind of internal investigation or something. To do nothing and allow Foley to resign on the last say of the session is flat out wrong.

If the GOP leadership remains in place, the Republican Party can NEVER AGAIN claim the high moral ground on any issue.

These are our children, we must protect them!

Had Enough said:

Immediately after Katrina, bush lifted the Davis Bacon Act and exempted all illegals.

They poured over the border like someone opened the faucet and were openly welcomed by bushes friends.

Davis Bacon provisions protect a worker from being paid below the prevailing wage. bush put the illegals above the black and white citizens of N.O. knowing the illegals would work for less. How can the citizens compete in a situation like that.

I also found it disgusting that our government flew the thousands of katrina victims all over the country. Many wanted to go home and were called back for their jobs but the motels, apartments and any place else was filled with illegals. They had to have some where to sleep.

One katrina victim in the news was here in the DC area working at a local Giant Food in the deli for I believe it was $5.85 an hour. He will never be able to save any money or go home at the rate with our cost of living here and the work for nothing wages.

Once again haliburton and others are benefiting from cheap illegal labor no questions asked and our government promoted, encouraged and helped it happen.

Had Enough said:

I know a couple in Loudoun County, he has been in construction for over 20 years, every job he goes to is over-run by illegal aliens and he is told they have the work covered.

They have been late with the rent a number of times this year and the landlord gave them notice to leave.

They do not have the money for a deposit, rent, movers, etc. If they did, they would have paid the rent on time! They also can not find a house anywhere for under $1,600. a month. But if you look around the illegals have managed to grab up all the housing that is affordable in anyway.

What are the people who are being driven to homelessness because the illegals are preferred supposed to do.

Is the man supposed to beg for a job at these jobsites and settle for $10.00 an hour when he made $22.00 fourteen years ago.

Also, more construction companies are requiring their employees to speak spanish, the supervisors and office help.

This man and a number of men he has worked with over the years are in the same situation and have tried to work on their own only to be constantly undercut.

What are people like this supposed to do? Do they just wait to be put on the curb? There are more than you know right around you in Loudoun County.

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