Dispatches: Newton, NJ

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Newton, New Jersey is suffering from an illegal alien population that is causing problems for the legal residents:

Diglio also claimed the growing number of illegal immigrants is to blame for the increase in crime in Newton. He felt the financial strain put on taxpayers and the town was unfair, since "illegal immigrants don't pay taxes, but their kids go to our schools; they use our hospitals, but have no insurance, which makes them wards of the state which taxpayers pay for in the end." Diglio stated he has "respect for legal immigrants, [he] only has a problem with those illegal who are breaking the law."

Newton is considering a version of the IIRA/English Only ordinances

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Kevin said:

Joe, it's like your tracking my web surfing behavior, how'd you know I was considering an English Only post? Creepy.

Jeez man, 5 am? Do you have to commute into DC or something? Or do you actually stay up LATER than me?

Kevin said:

I go to bed whenever and I wake up when my anxiety tells me to. Usually it's not until 6 but every once in a while my eyes inadvertantly open at 2:30, 4:30 (this morning), or 5.

No, my commute is not far at all. I couldn't dream of commuting anywhere in the DC area.

Lucky. I also have the anxiety alarm clock thing going but also have it keeping me from falling asleep in the first place. Thus the frequent incoherance and chronically glazed-over expression.

Kevin said:

Personally the not falling asleep in the first place bit is worse. I do consider myself lucky for that. "Cut down on your coffee after 12:00PM, don't exercise so close to bed time, and for goodness sakes, quit smoking!"

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