Dispatches: Riverside, NJ

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Riverside Township, New Jersey, is another community which recently passed the IIRA/English Only bills.

Note: If your town or neighborhood is suffering the ill effects of a growing illegal alien population, follow the link above and send those two pieces of model legislation to your local elected officials - but also be sure to read the note which states you should also get input from IRLI before attempting to pass these as local ordinances.



The details on Riverside, including the illegal aliens' claim that "Riverside is going to be ours", which should get EVERY legal citizen of America's attention, are below the fold.

Riverside is going to be ours

The organizer of a prayer rally expected to bring hundreds, if not thousands, of people to town hall today and says that if the township persists with its Illegal Immigration Relief Act, his group will fight back with more than rallies or lawsuits.

"For every immigrant who feels afraid and leaves Riverside, we are going to find an immigrant to volunteer to come live in Riverside," the Rev. Miguel Rivera, president of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, said Friday.

"They will be staying at the homes of Brazilians."

And they and other Latinos will be working to obtain mortgages and purchase homes, Rivera said, with the help of at least three banks that his organization is speaking with.

"Instead of tenants, there will be owners," he said, noting that citizenship is not required to purchase property in the U.S.

"Riverside is going to be ours," he said.

Riverside warned of second lawsuit

The American Civil Liberties Union and other civil-rights, Latino, and local business advocates yesterday announced plans to sue Riverside if its controversial new ordinance targeting illegal immigrants is not revoked next week.

In a letter delivered to Mayor Charles Hilton, attorneys for the groups warned that they would sue unless the Illegal Immigration Relief Act is repealed at the Township Council meeting Wednesday. It would be the second challenge to the law.

The legislation, enacted in July, calls for fines of up to $2,000 for anyone who knowingly rents to illegal immigrants. Employers of unauthorized immigrants would lose their business permits for five years. Plaintiffs in the suit are likely to be business owners and landlords.

Riverside OKs illegal aliens measure

The town's population was about 8,000 before the influx of "nondocumented aliens," the mayor said.

The bill's supporters said the large number of illegal aliens was putting a strain on public services, public safety and finances. They complained about overcrowded schools and houses as well as parking problems.

"They are ignoring our laws," said Robert Grab, a lifelong resident. "This is not against legal aliens. It's against illegals."

Immigration law fuels action

Riverside's anti-illegal immigration ordinance has sparked strong feelings, pro and con, and not just in Riverside.

An Edgewater Park businesswoman, Carole Moore, is conducting a yard sale outside her bed and breakfast Saturday to help Riverside defray any legal costs it incurs defending the Illegal Immigration Relief Act ordinance.

And on the other side of the debate, one national organization has sued the township over the ordinance and another group is threatening to do so.

The ordinance, enacted in July, makes it illegal for landlords or employers to assist illegal immigrants.

Riverside Mayor Charles Hilton estimated the number of illegal immigrants living in Riverside before the ordinance's passage at between 1,500 and 3,500.

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George Chell said:


Why did Riverside repeal the laws against illegals? Because morons like you guys and Tom Tancredo did not help the town out financially...just talk and you bastards wonder why Tancredo is stuck at 1% despite looser Lou Dobbs's rantings and ravings. Assholes!!

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