Ending illegal immigration is a LOCAL responsibility

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"Riverside is going to be ours."

Our towns and neighborhoods are the magnets for illegal aliens, because our local governments have not been enforcing zoning regulations already on the books and have turned a blind eye to employers who procure business licenses and then proceed to violate numerous laws and regulations by hiring workers under the table.

The problem of illegal immigration must be solved by local jurisdictions pulling out the welcome mat and enforcing public safety and health rules. When local communities lead, national elected officials will follow.

The residents of Culpeper, Virginia are experiencing the downside of illegal immigration firsthand:

[A resident] addressed Council stating the issue is multi-family use of single family dwellings and was not about defining family. She noted when she moved to her neighborhood, she understood it was a low density, single family area. [She] stressed how the law is supposed to protect all people. She stated she did not want to discriminate – it is a matter of law. She stressed how she believed Council should protect her, her home and neighborhood as well as everyone else. [She] noted the blight in her neighborhood affects her property value and the new assessments. She believed it was a matter of enforcing the law concerning single home dwellings and that Council should forget about defining “family” and enforce the law.

Many municipalities are dealing with the same issues:

Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazleton, Pa., estimates that as "many as half" of the estimated 10,000 Hispanics who were living in Hazleton when it passed an ordinance in July to punish those who hire or house illegal aliens have since left the city.

"We've been notified by some 30 other cities in the United States that are waiting to process such ordinances," he said yesterday in an interview.

In Valley Park, Mo., 20 immigrant families disappeared virtually overnight from a high-crime apartment complex, and at least dozens quickly left Riverside, N.J., this summer when those two small towns passed laws cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens and landlords who rent to them.

Legislation enacted this week in Suffolk County, N.Y., bars contracts with employers who hire illegal aliens, and a measure that would closely resemble the one enacted in Hazleton will be considered next week in Altoona, Pa.

"Our purpose was a matter of public safety, since there was too much overcrowding and a serious fire" in a house filled with illegal aliens, said Mayor Charles Hilton of Riverside, a blue-collar town of 8,000 on the Delaware River that enacted its ordinance in July.

The situations in Hazelton and Riverside parallel what is happening throughout the country, and every legal resident should be informed about where this is going.

"For every immigrant who feels afraid and leaves Riverside, we are going to find an immigrant to volunteer to come live in Riverside," the Rev. Miguel Rivera, president of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, said Friday.

"They will be staying at the homes of Brazilians."

And they and other Latinos will be working to obtain mortgages and purchase homes, Rivera said, with the help of at least three banks that his organization is speaking with.

"Instead of tenants, there will be owners," he said, noting that citizenship is not required to purchase property in the U.S.

"Riverside is going to be ours," he said.

If ceding your neighborhood and jobs to illegal aliens does not sound like such a hot idea, check back here often over the next two weeks. We will be presenting some concrete proposals that American citizens can bring to their elected officials to nip the problem in the bud at the local level. And if it is past the 'bud' stage, we'll be working to help you nip the whole damn thing off.

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Moderate 5-19 said:

Joe, you say

"Our towns and neighborhoods are the magnets for illegal aliens, because our local governments have not been enforcing zoning regulations already on the books and have turned a blind eye to employers who procure business licenses and then proceed to violate numerous laws and regulations by hiring workers under the table".

I could not agree more. I live Loudoun County where the Board is controlled by Republicans.

They get untold thousands in campaign donations from builders.

Builders use illegal labor.

HMMM, I think I see a pattern. If they enforce the regulations already on the books they bite the hand that feeds them.

Yet you say people should vote for Republicans.

Shames on you Joe, Again I say, never vote for a letter. Vote for the issues.

And in this case vote them OUT!

Greg L said:

Good work, Joe.

I've talked to a number of elected officials over the last week or so on the issue and there is a strong interest in coming back to this issue and proposing some solutions. They are of course concerned about ongoing litigation and being the nail that sticks out for the ACLU to focus on if and when they should take these matters up again.

Fortunately, it seems that more localities are considering changes in zoning ordinances, which presents the interesting scenario of having multiple jurisdictions working on this simultaneously. If that were to happen, these few but noisy organizations likely to protest will not be able to focus all their attention on one locality, which improves the liklihood of passage in all of these localities.

The key here is to have citizens keep the pressure on, as those who are interested in moving forward need evidence of citizen concern in order to drag their less motivated peers along. Localities need to feel the heat, and it's the elected officials on the right side of this issue that are hoping we can deliver on this.

Right now the illegal immigration apologists are on the run. If we fail to take advantage of this situation, the negative side of that old adage of "you get the government you deserve" will inevitably apply.

Mod, I hear what you're saying but maybe I did not make my point clearly enough. Do you want John Conyers heading the Judiciary Committee? Sheila Jackson-Lee or Dennis Kucinich heading anything that might impact immigration policy? When we are talking about the House, the GOP happen to be the ones on the right side of this issue. IF NOT FOR THE HOUSE GOP we're going to get an S2611 rammed down our throats and that will be the beginning of the end of the American middle class.

If you are talking about our local Board of Supervisors, however, I'm with you 100%. If they don't make the changes our communities need, they have to go.

Obviously our president has been a disaster on this issue, and our senior senator ditto.

Moderate 5-19 said:

I understand what you are saying and you make a valid point. I don’t want anyone in leadership who is baby soft on illegal immigration.

My concern however is what I said above. The Republicans have controlled the White House, the House and the Senate for over five years, and the House and the Senate for over eight. In Loudoun the BOS is Republican controlled as is the Virginia General Assembly. And in all this time what have they done?

It’s the old adage of “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”

I don’t know that I believe now, just before the election, they are ready to do something on this very important issue. And I don’t appreciate them taking their sweet time so they could have this as a campaign issue while we have had an invasion of illegals.

Had Enough said:

Democrats such as kennedy, clinton, durbin, and the rest want to legalize the illegals already here.

They even want to allow them to collect social security. If social security was paid in, no matter how small the amount. Even if they had stolen identities or made up ss numbers and information.

These same democrats say that illegals can pick 3 out of 5 years worked here and pick the years that they want to pay taxes on. Why can't we pick 3 years out of every five years to pay taxes, of course we would pick the 3 lowest.

When I watched some of the hearings, I almost fell off the sofa.

In Northern Virginia, we do NOT have a Tancredo or Sessions. South of us we can be thankful for Joann Davis and Virgil Goode. John Warner has been graded with a "F" and Allen just recently a "C" (was much worse).

In this war on illegals republicans over all have a better record.

I worked for a man about 18 years ago, I thought a number of people there were illegal. You had 20 year old men claiming 11 exemptions, all of them! Any papers to be filled out, they took home. They all put the same exact information on their tax forms. These people are coached and networked.

H.E. you really know the local situation. We could use more folks like you here at the NVTH Saloon. E-mail me if you want to sling some whiskey or run a card game once in a while.

Mod, we are on the same page but I may be a little more pragmatic than you in the short-term strategy. I do not want to reward the Republican scofflaws but I also don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Had Enough said:

I know more than the local situation and I'm living with it affecting my life daily.

I realize that we have government on numerous levels, but! each branch is working against the other and it is not to our benefit.

It is programmed into the illegals. They have the system to their advantage.

As long as local and state governments pass off this invasion as a federal problem and the feds ignore the problem the illegals continue to take advantage of it.

They know that the feds are responsible for immigration and that if they can make it far enough within the border in most cases they are left alone.

The illegals begin terrorizing as soon as they cross the border. It begins with the farmers and citizens along the border.

Are you aware that there are 25 million tons of trash along the border that will cost 64 million to clean up.

This trash includes feces, diapers, condoms, water bottles, clothing to name a few.

They are polluting rivers, ponds and the water sources for farm animals. They are also polluting the fields where these same animals graze.

This doesn't count the homes broken into, the produce and animals stolen, the cars and trucks stolen, stolen guns to name a few.

This is only when they enter. Thousands of vehicles from all over the country have been seen south of the border. Mexico conveniently does not require proof of purchase to register a car.

Every law we have ever had has been undermined by changes in their laws.

While the problem we have is illegals from all over the world the biggest part of this problem is 85% mexicans who believe we owe them something and that we stole something from them.

Our government needs to realize that mexico it NOT our friend and put an end to this politically correct, don't insult anybody BS. mexicans do NOT respect or love this country, we have become their joke social service agency.

Do you think if bush had given a press conference and said that "we are being invaded from our south border by millions of wetbacks and I want them rounded up and removed" it would have continued? Similiar statement was made in the 50's and we were not insulted, maybe mexico was, but who cares! They were rounded up and removed.

NO! bush said "well hell, if they can make it over the Rio Grande, we want them". And he continues to say "they are doing the jobs Americans refuse to do". He is LYING.

And now in addition to all the Citizens that have lost jobs, or can't get jobs because they don't speak spanish he is planning to eliminate the dock workers jobs and they will go to mexicans also with the chinese involved with his North American Union that he says is the SPP, another layer of what he says is NAFTA, a failure. China is building docks in mexico for shipments to Kansas where mexico is opening their own customs station. This is in addition to the super highway. Now mexico is saying the area in Kansas where their customs station will be must be made mexican territory. Wonder what the outcome of this will be? There should be impeachments down the line for even considering such a thing.

The coal mines now want to change the language rules and allow spanish! More needed jobs down the drain.

If you think I'm Angry, that is not a strong enough word!

If the American people do not start screaming as they did with Dubai or however you spell it, we are going to lose our country in no time.

There is a pattern here and it is NOT to our benefit. And you can bet that there are 30 million illegals here.

I'll start working my way north of the border later. this is all I can stand for one night.

Wake up people!

Moderate 5-19 said:


I think we a pretty close on this one.

In short, listen to what the persons position is on this issue.

Vote on the issue not for the party.

(However that is what I always do)

Marta Weeks said:

Fairness For All

Maybe the just answer for all is fairness. Not hate mongrels’ spews that feed the masses genocidal ideas to forward their own agendas and fill their coffers.

Last night I watched a movie about Hitler. His ideology of genocide was born from hatred. At the time, Hitler rose to the cries to hate Jews because Jews were progressing. The US is not far from the same kind of genocide fueled by mass cries for vindication. However, for what I ask myself as I watch and listen to talking heads rant and rave about “illegals” to the “I am a Christians and a Conservative” types.

Yes, something needs to be done about immigration. But what some want is violation and denigration.

At the base of a Statue Of Liberty there is a poem written by Emma Lazarus that says "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddle masses yearning to breath free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" It was often the first thing that the immigrants saw when they arrived in America but I guess that poem should be removed since or say, “send me everyone but Latinos!”

I am native American, not born in the United States but yes, American Yes, America is North America, Central America and South America! We came to the United States from Latin America legally and not to get rich – we came from wealth to poverty. Why? It is along political and social story. We are now citizens of the United States.

The Latin race or so called Hispanics – a word I hate because I am none’s panic - are truly the only ones under attack. Forget that Canada’s border is wide open and the Canadians hate the USA and the ports are trafficking immigrants from overseas; no one talks about that. Europe, Asia, etc. hate, not Americans, because Canadians are North Americans, Latinos are Central and South Americans, but they hate the United States. Why? Who likes bullies?

Lets really take a count of who truly is on welfare including medical. It is not true that the whites do not want to work they just do not want certain jobs and are the greatest percentage of people on welfare. So why is it that those who, in the name of Christ and Right, seek to Hitlerize our country and like evil pipers feed us lies and fear? Because there is money in hatred just like there is money in fear and avarice. The new wall across the United States and Mexico is just feeding on fear.

I say for starters, RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE! Make it a felony for employers to pay less than the minimum wage to legals and illigals alike. Fine employers who do not deduct for taxes, social security, etc. from all employees or who pocket the deductions. Give employers who employ the poor government subsidies for healthcare. So that everyone has a fair shake and the burden of employers do not fall on the taxpayers. Right now a lot of employers pay less than minimum wage and deduct for benefits and taxes that they pocket.

Since freedom of religion has eroded into pundits that drive the dingbats as a tax-paying citizen, I demand that we tax religious organizations. That money could to good instead of fostering evil and hatred. Archie Bunkerism and “All in the Family” prejudice is not what made this country great. Immigrants built this country and not just white immigrants. People are getting lazy and jealous that immigrants come to work like dogs and their kids get an education, so lets figure out how we can get the couch potatoes to teach their offspring’s to get off the dime and go for the buck.

Wide-open boarders and drive through citizenship might not be the answer but better to have cheap labor here, paying taxes, than outsourcing.

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