Good federal legislation on illegal aliens is on the table!

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About time:

President Bush will sign the bill to construct 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border if it is approved by the Senate, the White House said, as Congress continued yesterday drafting more legislation to combat illegal immigration...

Late yesterday, Democrats finally agreed to allow the bill to be taken up.

The House, meanwhile, approved a slew of new bills to speed the deportation of illegal aliens, outlaw tunneling under the border and close loopholes that allow criminal aliens to be released into the U.S...

The most contentious immigration legislation approved by the House yesterday was a 277-140 vote to give state and local law enforcement more authority to combat illegal immigration. Also, it would close a decades-old loophole that bars federal officials from placing illegals from El Salvador into "expedited removal proceedings." The provision, adopted during El Salvador's 1980s civil war, means that suspected illegals often are freed back into the U.S. to await deportation proceedings but never heard from again.

The vast majority of Republicans in the chamber were joined by 62 Democrats to approve the changes in policy.

The House also overwhelmingly approved a bill to allow federal officials to detain illegals for more than six months if they are awaiting deportation. The same bill also would bar illegals from obtaining political asylum if they are found to be part of a "criminal street gang." That bill passed on a 328-95 vote.

A third bill passed without objection and would close a loophole in current federal law. The Border Tunnel Prevention Act of 2006 would criminalize the construction and financing of border tunnels with criminal penalties of up to 20 years' imprisonment for persons who knowingly construct or help finance an unauthorized tunnel across a U.S. international border...

60-plus House Democrats signing on is a fantastic sign there could be a hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

TAKE ACTION! Contact your Senators (and Representatives) and tell them you support H.R. 6061, H.R. 6095, H.R. 6094, and H.R. 4830.

More cowbell, please.

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Loudoun Conservative said:

Funny how things start happening when they are scared for their seats. I couldnt' be more Republican but I'm excited to see our elected start working for the citizens instead of the illegals and those who employ them.

Yes and Loudoun might be a great test case in the coming year.

Had Enough said:

This is nothing more than an attempt to pacify the public.

Do NOT believe anything until you see it.

The National Guard is supposed to be at the border. There were some, without firearms and the border patrol was spending all of their time protecting them.

There are several groups down at the border that can not locate but several very small groups of National Guard. They have used planes and other resources constantly.

I fully believe along with them that this was to shut us up.

Just this week Homeland security gave a contract to Boeing for 1,800 towers!

Funny, is it going to be towers or fences or both?

As usual the different departments and branches of government are making their own plans and giving their own contracts. Every time they do this we end up with nothing!

Pre-Election BS! After the elections I guess there won't be any funds available.

Had Enough said:

Another Cop killed at the hands of illegals!

I can't count the cops that have been killed nationwide the last few years by an illegal, here's another one.

Houston - Slain officer missed suspect's gun in search

Quintero had a criminal history from 1995 to 1999, convicted for DWI, failure to stop and give information and indecency with a child. His driver's license was suspended and he was deported to Mexico by immigration officials in 1999

There have also been thousands of civilian citizens killed.

Had Enough said:

9,125 murders committed by illegal liens in this country every year according to this article. Where is the same outrage that occured on 9-11. Now add in the dead soldiers since 9-11. Please note: If a murder victim and their family are illegal aliens, the government allows the victim's family to become legal and stay.

(Enforcement at issue

U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble, said the shooting highlighted the need to tighten the borders and beef up enforcement of immigration laws.

"We know that 25 homicides a day are committed by people who are illegally in the country and this is one more," he said.

Poe said police officers should have the authority to arrest people in the country illegally. He said Houston is viewed as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.)

zimzo said:

"Please note: If a murder victim and their family are illegal aliens, the government allows the victim's family to become legal and stay."

Hmm, that sounds awfully suspicious. So now these illegal aliens who we know are going around birthing anchor babies just to stay here are now killing members of their own families so they can stay here. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!! Is there nothing they won't do to stay here!!!!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!!!!

Had Enough said:

You have a habit of trying to twist things around and away from the point, that is unless you missed it.

Example, the Baltimore murders of the small children by their cousins who are presently on trial. Everyone involved was illegal.

The murderer (beheaded) killed his cousins small children to teach her a lesson. She owed money for being recently smuggled in the USA.

The mother was legalized and allowed to stay because she was a crime victim.

What do the families of all the US Citizens get who have lost someone to a illegal drunk driver or otherwise?

(they get to pay for their public defenders and prison costs with their hard earned tax money)

We all know that the perp most likely didn't even have insurance.

The point is that no matter what the situation is when it comes to illegals there are to many loopholes.

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