Good game on right now

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Anyone watching Monday Night Football on ESPN? This is a pretty tootin' good football game. New Orleans hasn't been much in the past but they are impressive. They have about a quarter left to keep Michael Vick and the Falcons down.

Everything considered, it's pretty cool to see N.O. dominate.

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charles said:

Yeah, I'm watching. Not much of a Saints fan though.

I wasn't watching earlier though, I've been trying out the Studio 60 show. So far, OK, but it's no sportsnight.

These announcers though are a bit hard to deal with, at least all together.

I like Kornheiser; you're more observant than I if you've discerned a reason to criticize the group.

Of course I'm running from the den to the kitchen where the laptop is so maybe I'm not paying enough attention.

Plus I'm not a 'Aint's fan either, but given the circumstances it's nice to see.

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