Judy Feder Implosion, Finale

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Alternate title: Blog-fu Vaporizes Bumbling Lilliputian

A small man and a small campaign just got a little smaller:

So now the investigation is complete...This sordid affair conclusively demonstrates that Judy Feder is utterly unfit to hold a position of public trust.

Go read BVBL, and send him a thank you note for obliterating the Virginia blogosphere's end-of-summer lull.

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suburbanite said:

Apparently she is desperate--she has agreed to sit on a "growth panel" at a community meeting in Arcola (Loudoun County) on Wednesday the 6th, along with some Piedmont Environmental groups to discuss local zoning...over which she will have no say unless the Community Character Act revives and comes out of committee (which hasn't been close since Jim Jeffords swapped coats).

Shades of Socas...he campaigned all over Loudoun about local issues, none of which come under the purview of Congress.

But it sure could get sheep to vote!

So, is anyone going to drop by and ask her to expound on how growth feels like the depths of the Sloar?

HA! Great line, Suburbanite! Also great observation...I wonder if all these people sending her money have paid any attention to what she says.

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