New NOVA TownHall Blogger Announcement

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To everyone who's got their shorts in a bind over my supposedly immoderate post from last night, I think you will all be pleased to know we are adding a new voice here at the NVTH Blog, one who will undoubtedly soften some of our rough edges.

I am, personally, very excited about this because it's not too often you get to "push the envelope" in terms of ideology. As a group I think we've shown here that we are, if anything, open to new ideas and perspectives.

With the introduction out of the way, I will go ahead and reveal who our new moderate-in-arms will be. You can wait until the person posts their first post, or you can click the link below to ruin the surprise.

Our new blogger is in fact the NVTH constable on patrol, Mr. Whack a Mole himself...


We'll have him settled in and posting real soon. And stay tuned, we should be having some additional personnel, some of whom may actually be moderates but we'll have to see. (Sorry for the tease.)

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Jack said:

Dang. Now I'm actually going to have to try to sound intelligent.

Like falling off a bike, bro'. As a certified blogger, you'll find it's nearly impossible to write anything that doesn't bring instant plaudits and wide acclamation.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

i think you meant whacko-mole

zimzo said:

When blog historians of the future try to pinpoint the exact moment the NOVA Townhall blog jumped the shark, many will no doubt say that it was this very moment.

Sorree, so sorry! - whacko-mole was the answer we were looking for.

Regarding the shark jumping, I can only say Zimzo has not been paying attention.

moderates on NVTH? said:

do we HAVE to -- aren't there enough of them there moderates on TC?

no, at TC they have what we call "liberals."

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