NVTH Blog Seeks Key Ecosystem Nod

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It has just come to my attention that the NOVA TownHall Blog is being considered for membership in the inscrutably selective Hillbilly Ecosystem.


Nothing is set in stone yet, and normally even broaching the subject prior to a final decision by the Hillbilly Judges Consortium would be a major faux pas, punishable at a level similar to that meted out for using the French language.

We feel we have nothing to fear, however, and even if our application is rejected the ensuing abject humiliation will be, frankly, like waking up in the morning for the NOVA TownHall bloggers.

We expect a final verdict from Lemuel Calhoun in the very near future. If you feel you have a dog in this fight, please drop by Hillbilly White Trash and leave a comment as to why we should, or should not, be admitted to the Hillbilly Ecosystem.

Just leave it on any recent post there, Lemuel will get it.

[The only Ecosystem that's worth a dang, if you ask me. That Truth Laid Bear nonsense has us bouncing from Large Something-or-other to Oily Duck with no rhyme or reason].

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Jack said:


I got the shirt, the booze, the gut, and the gun.

Sign me up!!

I still need the shirt, but I'm a gettin' one tomorrow.

Jack said:

Hmmmm. Do I need the hair, too?

Jacob Ash said:

Nope, you do not need hair. A baseball hat that says "John Deer" or "Stihl" will do.


I've already added you to the blogroll.

Marry your first cousins and you'll fit in just fine.

Jacob Ash said:

Yee Hah,
This is better than gravy and bisquits on a church morning.

Woo Hoo! This calls for a 12-pack! Is it noon yet?

Jack said:

Close enough. Just don' make it none o' that fer'n stuff. I want the KING O' BEERS, made from only the fines' Loozanna long-grain rice!

Butch said:

Welcome aboard!

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