Redskins lose, crowd goes wild

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There are plenty of reasons to celebrate when the Redskins lose, as they most certainly did with the most ominous foreshadowings Sunday night. For one, you know Oliver Willis will be going bonkers.

Also, if you live in the DC area and don't happen to be a fan of the D-Skins, the local hoopla gets a tad irritating. So you are glad when it gets squelched.

Many years ago, before he was a TV big shot, Juan Williams wrote a Forum letter to the Washington Post saying "I'd sell my children to gypsies before I'd root for the Washington Redskins." Now that my children are grown I don't have so many options in that area, but I'd still stand arm in arm with Juan on general principles.

We all love Joe Gibbs. Let that be stated clearly: Every decent man on the planet must love Coach Joe. But his coaching staff which is essentially a group of head coach headliners, paid head coach salaries, to fill the Redskins' assistant coach positions, is the highest paid coaching staff in NFL history. THAT'S a little easier to dislike. That points to, in essence, the 'Skins owner, Daniel Snyder, who is easier to dislike.

For me, I don't dislike Dan Snyder or anyone else in the Washington Redskins organization. Snyder is committed to winning but has made some major missteps, such as hiring Jeff George and firing some outstanding quarterbacks over the years. But his teams manage to lose to the Cowboys most of the time and that, in my view, from a strictly non-partisan standpoint, is redemption enough. I just love the sport of football.

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No Relation said:

Amen, Joe. Having moved to this area over 17 years ago, I've never become a Skins fan.

For the record, Go Bears!

Welcome back, old boy! Your Bears appear off to a killer start. We outsiders (I've only lived here 34 years) need to stick together.

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