Rishell and the Zapatistas: Why you must vote Republican

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This will be a continuing series. (Understatement of the year).

BVBL does a pretty spectacular job exposing Jeanette Rishell's ties with the illegal alien advocacy crowd in Virginia, in particular the DC area Zapatistas:

So who are the Zapatistas? Their actions speak pretty clearly:

* December 1992: kidnapped collective farmer Mariano Encino, from Atamira township, who was tortured to death.
* March 1993: kidnapped two military officers in San Isidro El Ocotal, Chiapas. Their remains were found in March 1993, with signs of having been mutilated by an electric chainsaw, burned, and buried in graves covered with lime.
* Jan. 1, 1994: armed uprising, proclamation of the “Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle,” in which they declared war on the Mexican Army and Executive branch. The municipal seats of San Cristóbal, Ocosingo, Las Margaritas, and Altamirano, were seized by force.
* January 1994: Bombing of the Plaza Universidad shopping center in Mexico City.
* January 1994: dynamite attack, overturning electricity towers in Michoacán and Puebla.
* January 1994: failed rocket attack on the Number One Military Camp in Mexico City.
* September 1994: EZLN declared Yajalón and Simojovel as “autonomous” municipalities, and banned any presence of the national or state government (eliminate health and education services) and anything related to “the presence of the white man.”
* December 1994: EZLN returned to seize the municipal offices of Simojovel with armed commandos.
* February 1995: Farmer Gustavo Mar Kanter is kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by quartering.

Read it all.

The Republicans are bad on ending illegal immigration. Really bad, I will grant you. The Democrats are 15 billion times worse, however, about the difference between a lightning bug and the Sun.

Here's the political lay of the land. We want the Republicans to maintain their majorities in the 2006 elections. Otherwise, the Democrats and RINOs are going to sell this country down the river forever. They will open the borders and that will be the end of the American middle class, among other things.

Immediately after the 2006 elections, we want to implement a vice grip, a head lock, a choke hold if you will, on our elected Republicans at all levels. They must be pressured to close the southern border and create a national workers' ID system. Depending on whether this happens, the GOP will either be strengthened or will need to be disintegrated. But we need to give them the opportunity to do these things, which requires they maintain a majority after the upcoming elections.

Why not grab the choke hold right now and vote the RINOs out of office in November? Because there is terrible legislation, e.g. S2611, which might well be passed by a "moderate" Congress and signed into law by our "compassionate" president. The House just these past few months fully got the message that "Enforcement First" is the only immigration policy that will fly with the American public. They need to pass legislation along the lines ASAP. Unfortunately, ASAP means after January 2007.

If you care about your community and the future of your country, vote Republican on November 7. The next day, it's time to kick ass and purge the Republican Party if they can't take a hint.

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charles said:

At least we are going to get part of a wall, and some beefed-up border security measures.

I know it isn't much, but it's a start. And with that taken care of, there's less pressure to cave into the pro-amnesty democrats in the senate.

I probably disagree with you on guest worker, because I support some form of guest worker program modelled after the canadian model, and I don't know what you think on that.

But we can't get that part right if we had to compromise to get the fence. And now we won't have to (assuming the Senate doesn't cave).

Moderate 5-19 said:


Please tell me you are kidding. The head of the Republican Party is the current Republican President. He also happens to be the largest impediment to securing the boarders; in fact what the Republican Party is calling the Kennedy bill is actually the Bush line on illegal immigration.

Not to mention you are really contradicting yourself. You have correctly said time and time again that this issues cuts across party line. And you are right. The proof of this was yesterdays Senate vote on a secure fence. I believe it had 94 votes in favor of the fence.
Bush has declined to say rather he would veto this bill, (although it would be veto proof).

And has anyone stopped to ask why Bush refuses to close the Boarders? Could it be because he does care about what poll numbers say and is concerned about the Hispanic vote? And let’s not forget it has been more then five years with a Republican House, Senate and White House and the REBUPLICANS HAVE DONE NOTHING TOWARD SECURING THE BOARDERS!! How can anyone blame the Dems for this mess? GET REAL. And then the Republicans talk about Homeland Security, who do they think they are kidding?

People listen to me,
Vote for the person. And in this case, throw the bums out. Clearly we need new leadership.

Moderate 5-19 said:


Posting at 4:20am.
Heck man don't you ever sleep?

Jack said:


I agree that Bush is not helping at all. Is he the largest impediment? I don't think so. I think the largest impediment has been the Republican Senators.

While it has been the Democratic Senators that have threatened filibusters, they do not have the power to actually stop a bill. The problem is that the Republicans refuse to make the Democrats actually filibuster.

Clinton's tax increase bill, for example, passed with 50 Senators and Al Gore, the President of the Senate. But we cannot get through a minimum wage hike and estate-tax reform with 56 Senators. Why is that?

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