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It's up at Not Larry Sabato.

No wonder this outstanding statesman, Ken Cuccinelli, has won twice in Fairfax County. He's fast on his feet and he's right on the issues.

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charles said:

But the Judy Rishell supporters think Ken's a far-right whack-job.

I wonder if Judy would agree, seeing as she's going around pretending she's the reincarnation of Harry Parrish.

Even though he doesn't represent me, after hearing him speak a few times and talking with him I'll support Ken as far as he wants to go.

John Grigsby said:

Senator Cuccinelli just scorered a major victory for Republicans tired of Dems polluting our primaries.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit just decided to reverse and remand a decision made by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, telling the lower court it had erred in concluding that the plaintiffs lacked standing and that the case was not ripe.

The case (Larry Miller: 11th Senatorial District Republican Committee ...v. ...) must now be considered on the merits, by that court.

This is a very important case, and Republicans everywhere should be grateful for his work on this matter.

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