Senior Democratic State Senator Endorses Allen for Senate

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Giving the lie to all the "racist" nonsense the desperate Democrats of Virginia (and elsewhere) have been spreading, George Allen was just endorsed by a senior Democratic legislator who also happens to be African-American. This is a huge endorsement and fantastic news for the George Allen for Senate campaign on a number of levels.

The stuff you would want to happen in August happened in August, and now the important stuff is happening in September where it belongs.

It is quite a forceful endorsement. Here is a quote from the letter from State Senator Benjamin J. Lambert, III to George Allen:

As an alumnus of Virginia Union University and having all of my children attend HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities], I have benefited personally from the commitment that HBCUs provide in personal and educational development to each student and our entire race...I am grateful that the George Allen of 2006 is the same friend and ardent supporter that he has been to HBCUs over these many years.

Read the whole thing.

Below is the official press release from the Allen campaign.

For Immediate Release September 12, 2006 Contact: Bill Bozin

Senior Democratic State Senator Endorses Allen for Senate
Senator Benjamin Lambert Says Allen Delivered on Promises for HBCUs

Arlington, VA – In an unprecedented development in Virginia’s U.S. Senate race, a senior Democratic State lawmaker today strongly endorsed Senator George Allen’s campaign for reelection to the U.S. Senate. State Senator Benjamin Lambert lauded Senator Allen in a letter, specifically highlighting his efforts for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

“We have worked together for the past 20 years: when we served in the House of Delegates together, during your tenure as Governor, as a Congressman and now as Virginia’s junior Senator. Because we have worked well together over the years on many issues, and especially because you have delivered on your promises to support Virginia’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, I am pleased to support you in your re-election to the U.S. Senate,” Lambert wrote in the letter to Senator Allen.

Senator Lambert, a Richmond Democrat, has served in the Virginia General Assembly for the past twenty-eight years as a member of the House of Delegates and a State Senator. One of his primary missions in the General Assembly has been the advancement of HBCUs, a goal that Senator Allen shares. In the U.S. Senate, Allen sponsored legislation that would provide $250 million for technology upgrades at HBCUs and other minority serving institutions. The legislation passed in the Senate and is still awaiting action in the House.

“I am grateful that the George Allen of 2006 is the same friend and ardent supporter that he has been to HBCUs over these many years. I hope to be working with you in Washington, long after November to continue fighting on behalf of all educational institutions for higher education throughout our nation,” Lambert wrote.

“I am extremely pleased to have Senator Lambert on my team for reelection,” Senator Allen said after a speech today at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Luncheon in Washington, D.C. “Benny is one of the most respected members of the Virginia General Assembly and a longtime friend. We have truly enjoyed working together over the years. I look forward to continuing to work with Senator Lambert to support HBCUs and higher education throughout this country. Benny and I are proof that Republicans and Democrats can work together to move Virginia and America forward.”

Senator Lambert’s letter to Senator Allen is attached.

Paid for by Friends of George Allen

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zimzo said:

I really don't know how anyone could think George Allen is a racist when he has the support of someone who "happens to be black" (how did that happen? could anything have been done to stop it?). But that's not the only proof. Would someone who is racist hold a special "Ethnic Rally" just for people who don't happen to be white?

Jack said:


I have always disliked that phrase, too.

Anyway, I doubt that Allen is racist. One of the ladies pictured with him is the president of our civic association. Perhaps I will discuss it with her at the next meeting.

What are you two talking about? Where I come from the phrase 'happens to be' means the same as 'incidentally is.'

It's a way of setting off the predicate in order to highlight something the speaker believes is ironic or tragic or unexpected. In this case, there is a slight irony.

That ethnic rally is pretty stupid, though, I will grant you. Pretty darn stupid.

The Allen campaign's "new media" guy says the following about the rally:

"That event was done by the Fairfax County GOP and the minority leaders involved...not the Allen campaign. If it was a poor name choice, fine, but they're not criticizing Senator Allen -- they're criticizing people like Puneet Ahluwaliah, Harold Pyon, Dr. Rene Alvir and Raul Danny Vargas, who were behind the event and described it as an 'opportunity to celebrate our diverse cultures at [a] family event.'"

Jack said:


"Incidentally is" runs into the same problem: "Which incident was that, and could it have been avoided?" :-)

I feel like Col Klink with a barracks full of Hogans. You guys are just screwin with me now. Perhaps it's time to start learning Esperanto which, I'm told, happens to be more precise.

zimzo said:

You have to admit this is a great ad. I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

Alas my hi-speed Verizon happens to be slower than a drunken panda ascending Pike's Peak, so I can't view that ad just now. I'll check it out from work.

Jack the Stupid Rocket Scientist said:

It is also a deception.

The vote was on Amendment 452 to S.762, the Supplemental Appropriations Bill. The Amendment called for an additional billion dollars for National Guard and Reserve Equipment. No specifics about WHAT equipment was to be purchased. Furthermore, it is far more than any other service was getting for equipment.

Supplemental Army procurement in that bill was $750M, including aricraft, missiles, weapons and tracked vehicles, ammunition, and "other." Other "defense-wide" procurement was $451M.

Jack said:

BTW, the Amendment was sponsored by Sen Landrieu (D-LA), and was tabled on a party-line vote. All Republicans all voted against it, and all Democrats and the Independent voted for it.

Jack said:

One more point. The organization that put out this ad has endorsed several candidates. Only one was a Republican, and that for a Republican primary. They are endorsing no Republicans in the general elections.

Thanks for fact-checking, Jack.

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