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Our first new contributor under the provisions of the NOVA TownHall Amnesty Act will be Kevin of Dismantling Leviathon.

Dismantling Leviathon is one of the most wickedly clever blogs I've run across, the logical thread of which is so ingeniously subtle that it truly takes a mensa to follow it. When you figure it out, you will cackle with glee. If you are NOT a mensa, however, you may run into some problems. Just enjoy the pretty pictures, then.

Amnesty Week may shape up like so many of my previous ventures as a complete and total wash out, especially following the events of yesterday morning. Ahem. But Kevin is one of the first I invited and (he does not even know this yet) I may just make him a permanent guest blogger here. His stuff is simply too noggin-scratching good.

Mainly, he brings a new attitude to NOVA TownHall, a certain freshness which we have been lacking. I'm going to post his first post under his name, and I think you'll see why I had to hurry the protocol to get this fellow in play.

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Kevin said:

Um, ok, wow. Thanks by the way.

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