Another Ignorant Democrat on CSPAN

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A woman called in to CSPAN this morning on the Democrats line: "I don't see why the Republicans are so upset about Michael J. Fox' campaigning for Cardin. Those Hollywood actors are Americans, too, and they have the right to speak out, too."

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

if you had a point, I think you forgot to make it

Kevin said:

Wow! This may be the best non-sequitor yet. It must be about the lens you view the world through, cuz I'm not getting it either. . .? Unless it's just another excuse to call someone who recognizes that those with disabilities are free to speak their mind "ignorant"? It's fascinatingly bizarre. Good share.

Jack said:

No, the caller is ignorant because Fox is CANADIAN!!

Jack said:

BTW, Puffy, I left out the point so that I could expose more ignoramuses. Thanks for taking the bait, both of you.

Kevin said:


He's got dual citizenship. Only in your mind does it matter where a US citizen is born when it comes to exercising their rights.

(picks booger)

And please, no more name calling, I'm going to start crying.


Jack said:

These bio sites say he is Canadian:

Only one, Wikipedia, modified today, BTW, says he has dual citizenship. The reference, an IMDB article from 2000 says he, "secretly swore the oath of allegiance" in 2000. However, the IMDB bio on Fox does not mention it (

zimzo said:

Jack is my favorite idiot savant. When I go to Las Vegas I'm taking him with me to count cards.

Kevin said:

Eh, that seems fair. That's hilarious that Wikipedia was changed today! Good sleuthing. Out of curiousity, what search terms did you use?

Jack said:

Zimzo!! Always there with the useful comment.

First, for blackjack, just count the 5's, 10's (including face cards) and aces, and you'll do fine.

Second, for Poker, just play five-card-stud and fold when you're beaten on the table.

Jack said:


I used "Michael J. Fox" and "nationality" or "citizenship."

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

HA! Jack! remember when you complained that Dems were using "Pagegate" as a diversion from the real issues?

Real Issues?

Now you're researching Michael J. Fox's citizenship!

Kevin said:

I know I broke the rules for adding too many links, joe, I'm sorry but could you check the queue for my response to Jack? Thanks!

Kevin said:

Jack, at any rate, you are wrong, he is dually citizenized. Even Rush Limbaugh agrees.

Jack said:


I unblocked your post.

OK, I was wrong (partly, since he still claims Canadian citizenship), but be careful what you link to. One ( says he's Canadian, and another ( just has Fox claiming to be an American.

Nevertheless, I find it disingenuous to become a "dual citizen" (Does he pay taxes to both countries?) so that he can have more credibility when he is trying to get money out of us for his disease. Why couldn't he lobby the Canadian parliament? Doesn't Canada have a better (i.e., socialist) medical system, according to the Socialists, I mean, Democrats?

(And in Canada, such expenditures by the federal government are constitutional.)

zimzo said:

Hmm...maybe we're building that wall along the border. Dadbburn socialist canucks!

Jack said:

They are, too.

Kevin said:

Forget it. I am a complete ignoramus! I honestly don't know how I let the NNDB article slip in. I do seem to remember an NNDB article that said American though, maybe I accidentally grabbed the wrong one.

At any rate, the one where he states that he is a citizen, why not? In fact, for that matter, I declare that you are not a citizen! Show me a list of links that prove that you're a citizen because I won't take YOUR word for it.

Not that my list of links proves in any sort of way that Fox is a citizen, either for that matter.

At any rate, I appreciate your half-hearted concession. People come to America for many reasons, I suspect, whether it be to make money, have better health care, have a chance to vote and have their vote mean something. . .The list could go on.

If you want to start a discussion about Canadian Healthcare or Socialists than you should really start that in a new post.

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