Balloons over Albuquerque Report, pt 2

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Absolutely bracing!


(Click the link below for more from the 2006 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico.)

By 8:00 am the entire field was blooming and alighting from every direction and sailing past us toward the north.



The vast majority to sail so far were spheres of different shapes. But all of a sudden some weird stuff stirred.


This Wells Fargo wagon is actually HUGE but somehow the perspective is totally screwed up. Funny how that happens.


As the sky finally cleared and the big guys began to stand up, we had to leave, darn the luck. This is a working trip and work had to begin again promptly at 10, so our group grumbled a little and headed back to the bus. It was quite a sight sending us off though.


This morning it is QUITE the rainy day, so there will be no balloons at all, but the festival goes the rest of the week so I hope to get some more action shots. If not, it will just be the usual political screed here.

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Kevin said:


Stay Puft's lawyer said:

sure is pretty, but it's just one more way people can sneak across our borders

If they have the class and good breeding to cross in great colorful balloons, we must welcome them.

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