Beyond Wienergate

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Ok everyone, I'm with the Marshmallow Man and I say let's put this sordid topic to bed.

Except for one last notation below the fold, I think we've blogged quite enough on Jim Webb's "wienergate" episode and I'm moving on to new campaign topics which I hope will bring us all back together again.

I hate to see the NovaTownHall Blog family in such a state of enmity over what is likely just a silly misunderstanding.

Moving right along, then. Jim Webb said:

...the Herndon day-labor center is an acceptable way to locally manage the effects of a failed federal immigration system.

Whereas George Allen's position is:

To address the question of the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, Allen wants stepped-up punishment of their employers, Wadhams said. Strict enforcement, Allen reasons, will dry up the source of jobs over time.

If you live in Herndon or Sterling Park, you want to vote for George Allen. That day labor center has been a disaster for us by marking this area as a destination for illegal aliens.

And we say 'adios' to Wienergate, below the fold. Click the link for a fond farewell.


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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

Brilliant! It's BS, of course, but Brilliant!

you are on your way to becoming a true photoshop master. By the way, did you know the actual wienermobile is housed at Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, MI? It's true. They also have the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot (at the Ford theater) and Thomas Edison's actual workshop. It's really quite a place.

How cool! I always loved the wienermobile - saw it 2 or 3 times as a kid in New Jersey back in the 60s. The museum looks awesome and gives me one more reason I need to get back to Michigan sometime. thanks.

Had Enough said:

The following shows how the candidates have voted on the issues concerning illegal aliens:

You will see that jim moran is a promoter of illegals, he has a D. Also john warner has a D. They both have gone out of their way to see that the illegals get amnesty, social security and every other reward for their law breaking.

To check on any lawmaker nationwide:

The Truth of the situation is that the democrats can not take the majority or moran, warner, clinton, durbin, kennedy and dozens of others will see to it that the illegals are legalized and given every reward possible for for their actions including social security even if they used false documents and stold the identity of a citizen.

They would have legalized them months ago. People like Jeff Sessions (AL) and many other hard working representatives have put a halt to it for now, but bush and the panderers are hoping for victory and amnesty.

No matter how you feel about bush, the republicans must stay the majority. With tempers flaring he would most likely get nothing in regards to illegals. But if the tables are turned bush and the democrats will open the borders, floodgates and your pockets to pay for it.

It is better to keep bush and the democratic congress lame than let them destroy the country.

To top it off president fox is going to the UN to stop any fences (bush never intended to build any fences).

It is time that this country be run by the citizens and not mexico.

Had Enough said:

It is a shame that the same names appear on the ballots year after year, even after people do nothing but constantly complain about them.

Where are the real people? Maybe they just don't want to be put through the ringer and be in the middle of the mudd-slinging.

It is a shame that Virginia has so many people that have potential, but they never come forward. Until they do we will continue to put up with corrupt lawlessness.

We are losing our country!

When I have time, I'll fill you in on the New North American Union Coming Your Way!

zimzo said:

As they say, what's good for the goose...


Allen’s Multiple Arrest Warrants Could Have Been for Anything From Assault to Disorderly Conduct to Battery
October 28, 2006
By: Phil Singer, DSCC

Democrats are demanding that George Allen stop stonewalling and immediately release records addressing why multiple warrants were issued for his arrest in 1974 while he was a student at the University of Virginia. The court records of his arrests are missing but one of the few official documents detailing the circumstances surrounding his arrests is Allen’s application to the Virginia Bar Association. Allen has so far refused to release that information.

“Allen’s adamant refusal to release documents about his arrest record suggests that there’s more to this story and that he’s hiding something. Allen’s got a character problem and this stonewalling isn’t helping him any,” Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Phil Singer said.

When news of the arrest warrants resurfaced this month, one of Allen’s aides said that one was issued for unpaid parking tickets and another for fishing without a license. The warrants are posted on an index (click here for a photo of the ledger), but Allen has failed to produce any written documentation verifying his explanation for why the warrants were issued and has not personally addressed the matter.

H.E. - you are exactly right; my biggest fear is we get a Democrat-led House of Representatives and they DON'T impeach Bush. But we have to find better candidates, that is what it's all about. We may have John Warner retiring and Tom Davis stepping up to fill the seat. That would NOT be an improvement as far as I've seen (haven't checked his report card but I suspect it's pretty bad).

Zimzo - I guess if Allen didn't have a stellar 4 years as Governor and 6 as Senator this story might grow legs. My guess is unless the "warrants" are from last months no one will care because they already know George Allen. He is pretty much bulletproof to anything that happened before his term as Governor.

He's done well in the debates. Face it: If you can't bring him down by calling him "Felix" or replaying the Macaca tape, you're going to have to do it by emphasizing Webb's positives.

zimzo said:

I'm not really sure what he did in the Senate that was so "stellar." But you might be right, his stupidity and incompetence on the campaign trail might not be enough. The fact that he has no plans or ideas or even displays a modicum of understanding about Iraq and that he just wants us to "stay the course" until we head over a cliff might not be all that important to Virginia voters. They might not care that Jim Webb predicted what would happen in Iraq before the war even started and that he will work for a plan to get us out of that disaster. They might not even see the hypocrisy of Allen's sending other people's children to fight and die in Iraq when he got a deferment to avoid Vietnam, while Webb went to Vietnam and his son is serving in Iraq. They may not be all that interested in the personal courage Webb showed in Vietnam or the fact that he won the Navy Cross, while Allen was sowing his wild oats over here and reportedly playing racist pranks on black families over here. And they might feel that things are going great in Iraq and that they are benefiting from the economy (or at least someone is) so they should send to Washington someone like Allen who will rubber stamp everything George Bush does and not change anything at all. It certainly is possible.

I know: only ex-military personnel should be allowed to serve in government, which is why every elected Democrat is ex-military. That's a fact we all have to accept. The last Democrat to occupy the White House was in fact a war hero. Everyone knows this, which is why the Democratic Party is known as the party of strong national defense and undoubtedly will win every election henceforth.

A Moderate Voice said:


I have to with Allen on the issue of illegal immigration because if we don’t protect our boarders we don’t have a Nation.

Webb is my guy, but he’s wrong on this issue.

Mod, that's all I'm saying. If you have rolling pin handy would you mind hitting Zimzo over the head with it? Thanks much.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

hey, I just found this. It doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I thought you might like. Check it out!

DAMN, General, that looks wild. I'm unfortunately on dial up (aka "Verizon 'high speed' DSL) so I can't get the full effect until I get to work tomorrow. Then I'm sure I'll weigh in with caustic comments and rude judgements.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

that's what I like to hear. and while you're "working" you should go here as well:

whoa, I love Fantasy Congress! Thanks.

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