Comment spam attack verbiage warning

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The comment spam bots have apparently found a way through the built-in Movable Type spam filter so this is what I have had to do.

Every comment using the words "nice site", "cool site" and "good site" is now going directly into the junk folder. More draconian measures may be required in the future but for now please just avoid using those phrases. Thanks.

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Rick Sincere said:

I was going to say "n*ce s*te," but thought better of it.

Will asterisks put me in the trash?

Apparently not! And of course you're always safe with pig latin.

Jack from VT said:

I think they teach that at UVA. Isn't it a requirement for a law degree? :-)

Kevin said:

nice sight!

Lo Scrivano said:

icena itesa!!!

Jack from VT said:

Everybody's a comedian.

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