Johnny Nam's October Surprise?

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(...or perhaps a slip of the tongue?)

Maybe the real GOP surprise was simply to book stage time for John Kerry.

"...make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't you get stuck in Iraq."

What a moron. You have to wonder why ANYONE voted for this guy.

On another note, what's the connection between not doing well in school and getting "stuck in Iraq?" This is the lying sack of shite, you recall, who warned of George Bush's secret plan to reinstall the "mandatory military draft" in 2005 if Bush was re-elected. We already know where Kerry stands on the draft, of course. (Hint: he's not against it.)

If the Democrats have a plan to try once again to reinstate the draft they should say so.

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A Moderate Voice said:

First, I voted for this guy.

Second, this is an extreme case of foot in mouth disease.

Third, I recognize foot in mouth disease because I've been listening to President Bush for six years now.

Fourth, if I had to choose between the two, I would vote for Kerry again. (I would not be excited about the choice) but, for me Kerry over Bush ANYDAY.

zimzo said:

Kerry says he was making a joke about Bush and meant to say "If you don't you get US stuck in Iraq." It certainly makes more sense since Kerry did go to scholl and get an education and then joined the military. But I realize that the right wing will seize any chance to attack Kerry. A couple weeks ago they claimed he was joking about killing the President on Bill Maher, when it was obvious that he wasn't.

Of course, Bush is extremely articulate and never trips over his words.

Jack said:

Considering how Kerry has lied about troops in the past, even before Congress, I don't believe that claim for a minute. Furthermore, Kerry himself voted to get us into Iraq.

Ted said:

I'm sure my company's business manager who just buried his 19 year old son (killed by an IED in Iraq) appreciated the French-speaking one's remarks concerning the quality of today's Marines.

Watch the video, he didn't slip over any words. He simply confirmed what many people have long believed is Kerry's attitude toward the US military.

zimzo said:

I see, so Kerry who actually joined the military after going to school and fought in Vietnam has contempt for the military unlike you, Joe, who didn't join the military.

Jack said:

Screwy, but true.

By George, Zimzo's got it. Kumbaya, anyone?

e-tranger said:

You decry Kerry's attitude toward the military, Joe the Former NeoCon.

What do you think of the incumbent's attitude? In particular on 20 March 2003, when he blithely deployed that military unprepared to take on what was probably a hopeless job to begin with and did so on the basis of what may most charitably be called hyped evidence?

How many funerals of those killed in Iraq has the incumbent attended?

And yet you talk about Kerry's attitude toward the military.

I wonder what sort of catastrophe has to befall this country before people who think as you do are shook clean of such warped thinking.

Hey. Kumbaya, man.

Entrager, you decry George W. Bush's attitude toward the military, yet John Kerry said those who fight are losers and dopes and has a long history of demonizing our men and women in uniform.

I wonder what sort of catastrophe has to befall this country before people who think as you do are shook clean of such warped thinking.

zimzo said:

You mean a catastrophe like Iraq? Boy Kerry sure screwed up there.

e-tranger said:


Of course, as you know, that's not what he said - that's your Smearboat paraphrasing.

It's the incumbent who's the dope.

Kerry could not tell a joke if his life depended on it, clearly.

Nevertheless, he's hands-over-fists superior to most of his critics, including the incumbent.

Yes, John Kerry is superior. Sorry for not mentioning that aspect of John Kerry.

Ted said:

Let us not forget that in October 2002 the Dems had the majority in the Senate (remember Tom Daschle?). The French-speaking one and 28 other Dem senators voted for the war when they thought it would be the politically expedient thing to do before they turned against it when things became difficult.

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