Just Why Democrats Are ‘Dangerous’ When It Comes To America’s Defense

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This article is a good summation of how the Democrats have been consistently and dangerously wrong on foreign policy.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

that article is deceptive and dishonest, you ought to recognize that.

Jack said:

Saying it is "deceptive and dishonest" does not make it so.

How about trying to refute some of the points in the article?

I guess he means not all Democrats voted the same as the instances itemized in the article.

If someone could post a list of recent (say within 10 years) pro-defense votes by Democrats, indicating a hope for reasonable votes if they take over Congress, I'll link to it.

zimzo said:

It's a pretty ridiculous article, barely worth wasting time to refute. Here are a few points, however. Sowell lists a number of issues and says Democrats voted against them. They are all highly controversial issues that many Republicans voted against as well, such as a missile defense program that most experts believe would be a waste of money because it won't work and the recent torture bill, which was a complex bill opposed by many people for moral reasons. Then he lists a few selective foreign policy highlights from the last 40 years, skipping over Republican debacles such as the Marine guards killed in Lebanon, the current war in Iraq and the fact that Bush's father sent troops into Somalia. It's a dishonest and partisan article that isn't even very convincing to anyone who isn't intellectually challenged.

Jonathan said:

Hi Jack, Joe and the TownHall Blogger team.

This type of Democrat bashing is borderline campaiging. I don't see a disclaimer on this site. You may want to consult state and federal campaign finance law and make a determination of your legal status. If you do, please post your justification for failing to to post a disclaimer.

Jack said:


I assume, then, that you have done the same for your site, since you are campaigning against the marriage amendment.

Anyway, since the Campaign Finance Law is clearly unconstitutional (unless you're a liberal activist judge), and considering the recent changes in the Supreme Court, I'd love to be a test case to get that piece of BS legislation overturned.

Wow, Jonathan: I sometimes write deranged stuff late at night right before I go to bed but you can pull it off first thing in the am.

zimzo said:

Aww, Joe, don't be modest. You can be pretty deranged in the clear light of day, too. Having said that, I think Jonathan might have awakened on the wrong side of bed this morning.

That's true but I've learned to cloak it well.

Jacob Ash said:

Damn Zimzo, that was actually funny. I'm impressed. Something wrong boy?

zimzo said:

Alas, my very subtle sense of humor soars over your head sometimes. Next time jump or stand on a chair.

Jack said:

I think your humor is more below the belt than over the head.

zimzo said:

That's because you're usually standing on your head, Jack.

Jack said:

I thought I was standing on yours.

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