Lieberman Riding High

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Joe-mentum continues:
Lieberman now holds a 52 percent to 35 percent lead over Lamont among likely voters, a 17-point advantage.
Question: Who will he caucus with?

I mean, I'm sure there are no hard feelings between Joe and his erstwhile Democratic supporters, right?

It's a gentleman's game, undoubtedly. So based on grassroots sentiment there would be no objective reason for Joe Lieberman to hold a grudge or feel like his natural national constituency might not be on the Left.

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Kathy said:

What a great picture! It could have come out really dumb-looking, like that one with Dukakis and the tank--but instead it's highly cool.

Kathy said:

I know I would love it if he made the switch!

He is a natural up there.

I hope the RNC is smart enough to be shooting him some pocket change now and then.

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