Revised entry and contest

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The entry formerly in this place seemed a tad incomplete and instead of completing it, after much deliberation totalling approximately 2 seconds, I decided it may have been misconceived in the first place, following an absolutely splendid "networking" reception here last evening.

As Kevin can tell you, these things happen.

For restitution and penance, I offer our readers a contest.

Anyone who can tell me what the photo below the fold, taken by me at about 7:00 am this morning, depicts, can write anything they want about me and I will place it a new post right here and leave it on this blog in perpetuity.


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Jack said:

Hot-air baloon festival?

Pretty nifty, Jack, pretty nifty indeed. Now, extra bonus points if you can guess which one. You not only get to write whatever you want about me, but also to the cold beverage of your choice at the local establishment of your choice.

Jack said:

My first guess is Bealton.

Kevin said:

Impulsivity and panic make for interesting times.

Sorta close, bucko, but not Bealton. Answer to be revealed shortly.

I'll buy you a beer anyway since I can't imagine you'd want to write anything disparaging about moi.

Jack said:

Great Meadows, then?

Kevin said:

great sunrise, more like it.

John Grigsby said:

Something about the clouds suggests Albuquerque to me... I normally prefer ale, but toward winter a nice guinness will do just fine.

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