Status report: Stay Puft

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Everything's fine with Stay Puft. His outstanding work here simply caught the eye of a government agency dealing with cultural exchange and the arts, and they've invited him for an interview.

They sent along this snapshot as evidence he went to them willingly, as practically everyone does.


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John Grigsby said:

Gadzooks! It's only making him bigger! Ack!

Kevin said:

there your tractor beams go, messing up the ozone again.

Jack said:

Well, I think it's more microwaves than tractor beams. Have you ever put a marshmallow in a microwave?

John Grigsby said:

I don't think those are the tractor beams. They're the wrong color, for one thing. As far as ozone goes, the only good ozone is a dead ozone.

No Relation said:

Just don't cross streams!

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