Sterling Crime and Illegals Update

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The Tuesday post on the incident in Sterling has been taken down for the time being after my back and forth with Kevin in the comments and a note received from someone with an interest in the matter. The comments from Kevin and Had Enough point to one of the reasons a revision is needed and I have preserved these here below the fold.

Most blogs have a double nature of part news reporter or aggregator, and part personal journal. That post rested firmly in both areas, relating an event that just took place from the perspective of someone who was involved. As a slice of life in Sterling, it is perfectly valid. But the way I presented it also gave the impression of a news report, augmented by my editorial comments regarding the local crime rate. Often this site is found by people doing Google searches on news-related items. With that in mind, I think it would be more responsible to do some additional research and fact-checking in order that the "news" aspect be up to snuff. We don't need to be spreading misinformation.

The section of comment thread copied below is worth reading.

I imagine eventually the Sheriff's office will release some information about the number of illegal aliens incarcerated at the Adult Detention Center (one of the Supervisors asked for this info last week). That will be an important bit of information. In this post I'm reflecting the opinion a number of residents of a direct relationship to the growth in the illegal alien community.

When those figures are released, I will make an effort to report them here quickly.

Posted by: Joe, Former Neocon | October 25, 2006 6:08 PM

Please include total number of detainees along with the number of illegal detainees.

I absolutely defy you to prove to me right now that those two men were illegal immigrants. When the 2 are caught and it is proven that they are, I will thusly, and humbly, acknowlege that fact. However, you absolutely, at this point, cannot even imply that is the case.

If you want to talk about a majority of "whatever county detention center" detainees being hispanic that's fine but a disproportionate number of one type of detainee, when it's not a representative sample of the surrounding population, strikes me as problematic. Don't misread that to say that if that is indeed the case that you have a corrupt/racist police force either, because that's not anywhere close to what I'm saying.

By the way, don't forget I come from rural when it was rural down there. You wouldn't believe the amount of crime committed right there by white suburbia. It simply does not get the attention by the papers or cause the fear ignited by another identifiable culture coming into your neighborhood. You know that to be true, look at the fire it ignites here. . .

Posted by: Kevin | October 25, 2006 6:37 PM

And not to beat this horse to death but detention centers are generally used to house detainees who are awaiting trial, meaning firstly that they have not yet been found guilty, and secondly that though they have been charged with a crime, it has not been proven that they were even involved with one. You can house the whole country in a detention center and it still don't mean sh*t other than you'd be guaranteed to have some whites, blacks, hispanics, arabs, jews, etc etc but the numbers in such categories is somewhat inconsequential until you sort through the population and convict the ones that are guilty. Then they move on to the prisons where the picture becomes more complicated for your purposes because they get moved around throughout the state. To say a correctional facility (different than detention centers which on the whole house pre-trial inmates, except for your occasional misdemeanor client serving a 6 mos sentence) in a community such as Sterling, lets say, has more illegals in it, is misleading because they could have come from anywhere in the State. You're better off going to the courts for more reliable data for cases where illegals have been convicted within the jurisdiction of that particular court. And on and on and on and on. It's really a lot more complex than at first glance is all. . .

Posted by: Kevin | October 26, 2006 12:23 AM

Kevin, all good points. I don't diminish white crime. The list I posted was actually MOST crime here in the period indicated.

Please don't get your hopes up about these or any criminals not being here illegally. There are a lot here illegally.

I'm with you on the importance of having hard numbers, though. Perhaps nothing on this topic should be posted until we have hard numbers to report...

Posted by: Joe, Former Neocon | October 26, 2006 12:39 AM

From the district's State's Attorney, I hope. You're looking for convictions, if I haven't made that clear yet. Also, when determining districts, you want to look at the judicial district, not the political one. But I'm positive you already know that!

Posted by: Kevin | October 26, 2006 1:12 AM

I doubt if any jail or prison figures are going to be accurate.

To this point police have not been able to question anyone in respect to their legal status.

bush had many hispanic death row cases opened this year because he claims these people who are illegal are now saying their rights were violated. The death row inmates claimed their emabassies were never notified of their arrests to assist them.

If these inmates were never questioned about their status or they never offered the information that they were illegal how would anyone know to notify their countries.

We have basically used Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the court systems unless it was an immigration case.

With winter approaching and building slowing way down I believe we will be experiencing more crime.

According to a 38-page congressional report released on October 17 by U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, (R-Austin), "as many as 4 million to 10 million illegal aliens crossed into the United States" from Mexico in 2005.

No matter how you look at it these people have no right to be here in any shape or form. When someone is here illegally and no one has any idea who they are or where they came or what reason they came here for it is a incentive to commit crimes and believe that you are going to get away with it. Thousands flee over the border after their crime sprees everyday. Many wait a short time and come right back over and continue their crimes.

Even if the person is legal and they have committed any crime they should be deported. Thousands of people from El Salvador that were here on the TPS did not renew their status a few months ago. They are all illegal now. Many are so sure they are going to be given amnesty they felt no reason to apply for their extensions. We can thank kennedy, clinton, durbin, schumer and the rest of them for that.

Posted by: Had Enough | October 26, 2006 2:49 AM

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zimzo said:

Gee, you left out all my comments. No matter. I salute this newfound desire of yours to be accurate and not fan the flames of husteria. I hope it lasts.

Had Enough said:

The main point is missing. No matter how you look at it, spin it or ignore it Illegals are Illegal. They have no Right to enter this country. They have no Right to enter legally and remain when they are supposed to leave. They have No Right to come here and commit crimes.

Whether they are illegal or legal, if they have engaged in crime while in this country they should be deported. Many countries have refused the return of their criminals.

It is unfortunate that we do have crime by citizens, but we are stuck with our home grown crime.

Naturalized citizens who commit serious crimes should be stripped of their citzenship and sent back to where they came from.

We are the only country in the world that allows such actions by outsiders. If we tighten up and enforce our laws with no exceptions people will not find us as inviting. We could eliminate most of our problems.

A country can not function when the president makes public statements opposite of the laws. One example: "Hell, if they can make it over the Rio Grande, we want them".

Enough is Enough! Ask the people of Arizona how to clean up the state, they are Voting on laws right and left to make their state undesirable to illegals and to strip them of all benefits, etc.

Jack said:

I only disagree with one point, H.E. I think that once a person becomes a naturalized citizen, he is our problem until he renounces that citizenship.

Don't worry Zimzo I expect to put the whole post back up. I wasn't going to repost the entire thread and think I've shown no hesitation to highlight your comments in the past. They don't pay me enough for this gig so maintaining the thinnest veneer of accuracy is sometimes about the best I can hope for. Sometimes, toes may be stepped on in the process.

Kevin said:

Good that you're waiting. . .

Kevin said:

For once, Jack, I agree with you here. To say you should deport all US citizens who commit crimes "back to where they came from" is ludicrous and I thought it went without saying or I'd have said it sooner. Good of you to point it out.

Had Enough said:

Let me clarify that when I wrote that I had just read some articles about people that came here and to become citizens they committed marriage fraud, document fraud, concealed criminal backgrounds, involved in terrrorism and many insist on dual citizenship even though their oath states otherwise (we can't double dip, why should they).

I still believe that if people became citizens under these circumstances or if they defraud the government they should not have the honor and benefits of being a citizen.

People try things here that they would never have done in their homelands because they know of the consequences. One reason is that they do not take us seriously anymore. We have lost our position of authority, every branch of the government is bickering with each other, no one is getting anything done or agreed upon and others are making their own plans behind our backs.

If a woman marries a man and later finds out he was a fraud, liar, criminal, etc. she can disolve the relationship.

If you cut the relationship with the naturalized criminal who gained citizenship under fraud or criminal actions others may think twice before they do the same.

Millions of illegal aliens are walking all over us, doing as they please, demanding rights, demanding we change our laws to suit them. What happened to the people that played by the rules, wanted to be a US Citizen and be American in every way?

We are generally dealing with groups that are refusing to play by the rules and it is worse than most of you think.

Kevin said:

I'm not sure you can put a finer point (to use a joe-ism) on your position, Enough.

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