Thanks to Loudoun Supervisors

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As reported here the other day, members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and Sheriff Steve Simpson have agreed on contacting ICE to discuss obtaining immigration enforcement authority for Sheriff's Office personnel. Sheriff Simpson will be reporting on his meeting with ICE representatives in the next few weeks.

I just watched the archived video of the meeting with Sheriff Simpson and want to note how impressed I am with the apparent roundly positive appraisal of the ICE 287(g) progam.

You can watch the video here.

(Click the "View Video" link on the right side of the "Committee of the Whole Meeting" entry for October 17, 2006. It's truncated at the beginning but you can get the gist from the roughly five minutes shown.)

I'm as guilty as any blogger of spending more time tearing things down than building anything up, so I want to repeat my thank you to the Loudoun Board. Particularly on the issue of illegal immigration, many citizens have gotten the idea their elected officials are living in another galaxy from their own. Our representatives in Leesburg have shown they do care about what is happening in local communities.

Supervisors Lori Waters, Sally Kurtz, Jim Clem and Bruce Tulloch all made sensible observations at the meeting.

Thanks especially to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio for initiating the meeting with Sheriff Simpson. Eugene has been on the cutting edge of dealing with this local problem and the residents of Sterling Park (and Herndon) are grateful for his efforts.

It takes a big man to take the lead on a controversial topic. It takes an even bigger man to pose with a giant taco.


[In the photo (left to right): Eugene Delgaudio, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors – Sterling District; Chip, California Tortilla mascot; Mark Dunn, owner, Ashburn/Brambleton California Tortilla, are all smiles after cutting the ceremonial “first burrito” and welcoming hundreds of hungry Loudoun County residents and workers into California Tortilla.]

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Kevin said:

Nacho, nacho man! Did the mascot sing that song? The one up here did. Did anyone use the megaphone to place their order? Or the water pistol to get the order taker's attention? Yeee haaawwww! Were the workers "spunky!"? I think "Spunky!" is a requirement.

for real

A Moderate Voice said:


This is just amazing news, and it happened so fast.

I have to say I did not expect it, but I am pleased with the outcome.

Great work Joe!

Mod, Kevin, yes it is all quite impressive, a day of celebration. But tomorrow there will be more burritos to construct. We must be vigilant.

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