The Axis of Dismantling

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They smack but we smack back.

Well, well, well.



The plan is completed, the worm has turned, and the wheel of Karma has come full-circle.

Our 'Amnesty Week' ploy has apparently snared its chickadee and caged its minnow. We've now got the cukes in the bushel basket, if you will. Our treasured visitor and beloved commenter Kevin, as dainty a morsel as I ever grew fat on, has invited me, myself, moi to contribute to his maniacal blog, which is, I must say, ripe for the plucking.

If you are not already visiting Dismantling Leviathon you should slap yourself three times. If you're not visiting by the time I get done with it, you should look once in the mirror to say goodbye and throw your sorry self off a cliff.

All hyperbole aside, I am pleased to announce I have been invited to guest blog at Kevin's place with an invitation for "anything free association, post-modern, political, or otherwise."

I plan to hit pretty heavily on the "otherwise" theme over there. Do stop on by.

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Kevin said:

Good to have ya! Welcome to mundane.

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