Virginia Muslim PAC Endorses Democrats

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Taking a firm stand against immigration enforcement:

Mukit Hossain, president of the Virginia Muslim Political Action Committee, said his group believes there are 60,000 registered Muslim voters in the state and he is working to mobilize voters to get out and vote Democratic...

One issue especially important to the group was local enforcement of federal immigration laws. The Herndon Town Council's decision to train local police to enforce these laws was especially troubling, Hossain said.

"That's the sort of mechanism we believe would be extremely dangerous for the Muslim community," he told the Washington Examiner. "You are handing over a degree of power that is not necessarily warranted and can be abused, especially given the skimpy training [Herndon police] are going to receive."

The links from the group's Web site indicate any Republican candidates would have an uphill climb getting support from this particular organization.

But wait, there's more.

Mr. Hossain is not a new face on the local scene, nor is the Muslim angle on our local controvery over illegal aliens:

The hiring center -- called the Herndon Official Workers Center -- is a charitable front for da'awa, or Islamic outreach to non-Muslims. Local law enforcement officials say the Saudis see new Hispanic arrivals to America as particularly ripe for conversion to Islam, and have even added an annex to their madrassa in another Washington suburb to help indoctrinate the beholden immigrants...

Stepping in last year to run the government-sanctioned site was an obscure group by the name, Project Hope and Harmony, which landed (in partnership with nonprofit Reston Interfaith) the $200,000 contract. The man behind the project is Muslim activist Mukit Hossain.

But he's not just any activist. Born in Bangladesh, Hossain also runs a shadowy Muslim charity in Herndon which recently had its accounts closed by Wachovia bank due to suspicious activity related to possible money-laundering. The Foundation for Appropriate and Immediate Temporary Help, or FAITH, received a $150,000 donation last year from a front group run by Saudi bagman M. Yacub Mirza, whose home and offices were raided by federal agents after 9/11. FAITH helped establish the Project Hope and Harmony.

If you are in Northern Virginia and just now getting up to speed on this issue, you ought to go read all of that article.

Knowing that Mr. Hossain's group actively opposes local measures to improve immigration enforcement should serve as confirmation HelpSaveHerndon and HelpSaveLoudoun are on the right track. We must redouble our efforts to implement immigration enforcement locally.

The activities of Mr. Hossain's various organizations also highlight why the problem of illegal immigration has reached a unique level of urgency in western Fairfax and eastern Loudoun Counties. Our communities are not simply the recipients of illegal aliens randomly deciding to settle here but are the targets of advocacy groups seeking proactively to establish safe zones for illegal workers. These activists are seeking to grow their constituency and have little concern for the declining wages of legal blue-collar workers.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

are you positing a Democratic-Islamic nexus of evil?

No, some of my best friends have been Democrats and not evil.

As far as I could tell.

I think it could be posited that WERE the Islamists to seek a partner and only had two choices with which to create their wicked nexus, they'd probably court the Dems.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

yes, and if pigs COULD fly, they'd probably head south for the winter.

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