And About Time, Too

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Ney Resigns

Delay, Foley, and now Ney. Does anyone remember a Democrats ever resigning over such things? And they call Republicans the party of corruption.

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zimzo said:

Yes, you guys have gone completely insane.

Jack thinks that pleading guilty to corruption and then resigning under threat of expulsion under House rules is actually proof of the virtue and superiority of Republicans!

Joe thinks that giving away nuclear secrets to Iran and the terrorists in order to prove that Hussein was on the verge of nuclear capabilities before the first Gulf War (though the documents also say he abandoned the program after that war) proves that the Bush Administration is really supersmart!

Oh, and Joe also thinks the most important issue in the election is what John Kerry did 35 years ago!

No Relation believes that the Constitution permits the government to spy on all of our electronic communications despite the fact that the Supreme Court (which he doesn't like even though they're in the Constitution, too) says it's not OK, because the Founding Fathers didn't have telephones (except for the kind with two cups attached with a string--the kind No Relation uses)!

What are they putting in the water in Virginia guys?

Jack said:

We're puttin' FIRE in our water. That's why it's called FIRE-water!

Yes, zimzo, the Republicans do pressure their crooks to resign; the Democrats re-elect theirs.

See Alcee Hastings. Still in office, under consideration for chair of the HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE!!?

The Democrats promote their crooks. Gosh, this could be an interesting two years.

zimzo said:

Jim Wright resigned. Harrison Williams resigned. John Jenrette resigned....

But the whole premise of your question is ridiculous. No Democrat has been guilty of the incredible degree of corruption that this Congress has exemplified. No Democrat in this Congress has done anything comparable to what Bob Ney, Tom Delay, Mark Foley or Duke Cunningham did. And what of the other Republicans implicated in the Jack Abramoff scandal? What of Curt Weldon? What of Jerry Lewis?

But of course it's pointless to point out facts to you because they just get lost in your delusions.

Jack said:

To tell the truth, I'm not really sure what Bob Ney did. Anyway, Cunningham was bribery, and he is gone. Hastings is still there, and Jefferson is still there.

Mork Foley had inappropriate IM conversations with a male page, and is gone. Studds had sex with a male page, and was re-elected and promoted.

Then of course, there was Clinton's having sex with an intern and lying under oath. He's an icon of the Democratic Party.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

why do you guys think people are turning against republicans?

Had Enough said:

Because all over the internet people are writing for everyone to vote straight democrat on everything no matter who they are to get even with bush.

They do not seem to understand that bush is Not running for anything, he has nothing to lose.

Also, they do not understand that it is the republicans that have for the most part kept him from doing more damage to the country because the majority of them do not agree with him.

But to be so irresponsible as to tell people not to vote for any republicans just to punish bush is sooo democratic.

Finally, all of a sudden they believe that clinton was the saviour or something. No one can remember anything but the monica incident and they are willing to overlook that now compared to everything going on in the world today.

They do not remember whitewater, the suicides, the other investigations, hillary's private shredding parties, etc.

No one remembers that bill gave us the motor-voter that allowed illegal aliens to register to vote. He signed a signing order in 8-00 to change the ballots and other things to other languages along with other government forms and booklets. He leased a military base in CA to the chinese. Bill & Hillary took globalism to a new level.I could go on and on.

Had Enough said:

Zimco: Corruption! Ted Kennedy got away with murder.

Hillary was not prosecuted for shredding evidence.

I'm going to bed

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

oh boo hoo. This, "the voters don't know what's best for them; we do" angle requires you to have no faith in the democratic process. so does opposing motor-voter, which enfranchised millions of black and low-income CITIZENS OF THE USA. and who's fault do you think it is that no one remembers anything but Monica, anyway? While Clinton was putting through all that horrible legislation, your wonderful republicans were content with letting it go (they controlled congress, remember?) in order to dig up the dirt on his sex life. Lame.

So what exactly have you Had Enough of, anyway? Democracy?

Jack said:

The "Motor-Voter" Law enfranchised no-one. They already had the right to vote. All it did was make it easier to register; as if it wasn't trivially easy already. I'm not worried about it -- if they were too lazy to register before motor-voter, they'll be too lazy to vote anyway.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

Why do you have to be like that, Jack? Not everyone in this country has the amount of free time that you seem to.

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