Call Out To Bloggers!

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The holidays approach and the blogosphere retracts. Traffic dwindles, people have lives. IT IS NOT GOOD, PEOPLE!

We need to counteract the terrible effect of human society. Therefore I call on all of our NovaTownHall Blog Crew to step up to the plate during the holiday season.

I'm here. No Relation is here when he is not busting heads. Jack is here when he is not whacking moles. I'm talking to the rest of you:

Jacob: Your James Bond stuff is wonderful but can you spare us a moment between martinis and Star Wars?

Soph: The big V is under your belt. You've had some time off. Do you have it in yourself to dive in and flail some elbows?

Aislinn: AISLINN - you want to lower the boom, I know you do. You're full of oats. Please kick the butt you were placed on this Earth to kick.

Singleton: You were one of the best. If not the best. Will this happen? It won't be the same without you.

Amnesty Guys - YES - I say Amnesty Guys you know who you are. Do you want to influence the debate, say your say, sprinkle pigeon droppings on our high-falutin' notions? If you want in let me know because we are talking a very interesting interlude between now and January. AND I STILL TRUST YOU. I'd let this one fly for the next two months. You are just that good.

The less of you, the more of me. I think everyone can work that equation.

Respond in the comments, por favor.

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Jack said:

Jacob will be out of town for a few days, so don't expect anything there.

Aislinn said:

Sorry to be MIA! Tons going on here as with you all, and it just never seems to break...I'm hoping to get some blog time in here soon!

Sophrosyne said:

Joe... a week is not enough time off! That said, I will flail away!

Just giving everyone a hard time ... I know none of you are slackers. I have a few things going on the next couple weeks that might have me over occupied so if you see the activity slowing here please do jump in, even if just to post a favorite recipe or two.

A Moderate Voice said:


I'll do a post,

hmmmm, I think I'll call it, "Why we should all be moderate".

what do ya think Joe? LOL

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

"let's roll"

Jack said:

Mod, don't you have your own blog to post on?

A Moderate Voice said:


That made me laugh till my stomach hurt.

Jack said:

You want me to kiss it better?

Kevin said:


You all just brightened the evening of a long hard day, thanks.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

but you know we're comming up on war on christmas season. I just can't believe you guys are going to cut and run!

Noooooooh! Certainly we must gird up for the Christmas War! Don we now our ... um, FANCY apparel: crosses, pilgrim coats, scepters, Santa hats and fuming incense stenchers. There's Wiccans in them thar hills, secular humanists too.

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