Carnival of WIJF: Web Round Up

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Am I glad THAT'S over with...

Seriously, if I need to do time in Purgatory, I think working on a 20,000-year political or grassroots advocacy campaign would be adequate to help me "work through" all the evil I might manage to cause in this life. Even if I end up initiating thermonuclear war or converting the Gulf of Mexico into a golf resort with trillions and trillions of kittens and puppies as the landfill, I think 20,000 years of concerted politics should leave me clean as a whistle, soul-wise.

And henceforth, if I'm going to abandon my family for weeks at a time, I pledge to be fishing or watching football from a barstool or sitting in the back corner of the library researching millenarian movements. Doing some good, in other words.

I have been extremely neglectful in recent months of all the wonderful stuff out there on the Web, and I'll try to begin making amends this week with some Carnivals. When I'm not watching football or mowing the quite overgrown lawn.

-First off, the excellent James Na and associates are running the equally excellent blog. I saw James speak earlier in the year and I love this guy. I still have his speech saved in a digital file somewhere which will eventually be found and turned into a post. In the meantime, put that blog on your list for regular visits.

-Next, the Virginia Blog Carnival is appearing this morning at Spark It Up. For a bunch of folks who smell like hardwood smoke, we scruffy Virginians put on a rightly decent affair, I must say.

-Next, if you've now gotten all the political silliness out of your system, maybe it's about time you had a touch-dirt date with reality and your infinitely forebearing Uncle Bob Dobbs. He's got the links for what ails ye.

-Next, if you're not reading MonkeyWatch, you're missing the big picture. My advice for aspiring bloggers yearning to stand out is always "find one thing you care about and write about that thing." MonkeyWatch sets the standard.

-Next, General Gozer sends this. Additional time in Purgatory, unfortunately, will accrue.

-And finally, I recommend Melanie Phillips, who thank goodness is still gracing us with her writing. It's the most valuable one-person-show blog in the world.

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James Na said:

I appreciate the plug and also the kind words!

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