Catholic Bishops Applaud Voters' Decision to Protect Marriage

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Virginia Catholic Bishops Applaud Voters’ Decision on Marriage Amendment

On behalf of Arlington Bishop Paul Loverde and Richmond Bishop Francis DiLorenzo, Virginia Catholic Conference (VCC) Executive Director Jeff Caruso issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s outcome on Ballot Question Number One, which succeeded by a 14-point margin:

“Yesterday, large numbers of citizens across our Commonwealth voted to affirm, protect, and preserve the institution of marriage as designed by God and as passed on from one generation to the next throughout human history.

“Virginia’s Catholic bishops have been pleased to offer their perspective on the importance of safeguarding this bedrock institution over the course of the debate on the marriage amendment, and to join their voices to those of many others whose roles were instrumental to this significant outcome. In the end, though, the decisive statement on the issue came from Virginia’s voters. Given the decisions that courts in some other states have imposed on their citizens with no public input, Virginians clearly appreciated the opportunity to decide this matter for themselves.

“The bishops also wish to commend Delegate Robert Marshall and Senator Stephen Newman for sponsoring the amendment, the Family Foundation and for their persistent and effective leadership in organizing grassroots support among individuals representing a diversity of faith traditions, nearly 200 Catholic parishes across Virginia for distributing diocesan-approved educational materials on the ballot question to their parishioners, and the Virginia Knights of Columbus for assisting parishes in the dissemination of those materials.”

The VCC is the public-policy agency of the Virginia Catholic bishops and their two dioceses. The VCC delivered over 100,000 copies (available in English and Spanish) of the bishops’ pastoral letter on the marriage amendment and an accompanying “question and answer” piece to 194 parishes and two Catholic campus-ministry organizations. These materials were also printed in the official newspapers of both dioceses and sent to their 133,000 subscribing households. Further information is available online at

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zimzo said:

Sophie, I feel so bad for you now. Whatever will you do with all your free time now that your marriage is completely safe from all those dangerous gay people?

Rebel Girl said:

However, the Virginia Catholic Conference should give credit where credit is due -- to the right-wing evangelicals! If you look at the county data, there is a strong statistical correlation (approx. 0.63) between the number of Catholics in each county and the percentage of "No" votes on Amendment 1 in that county. The Amendment did best in the most rural counties of our state where the Catholic Church is least represented. And while we're in bed with the evangelicals on this issue (pun very much intended) they are still poaching our members and saying that we are not "real Christians." Wake up, ya'll!

Sophrosyne said:

Haha-- Thanks for the sympathy Zimmy, I'll survive.

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