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We have a president who is clueless about why migrant workers are a detriment to American workers, and a political party controlling both houses of Congress sympathetic to demands for unlimited illegal migration.


President Bush gave Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon an assurance in the Oval Office yesterday that he will push for a broad immigration bill that includes a new guest-worker program and citizenship rights for many illegal aliens...

The two men met face to face for the first time, ahead of Mr. Calderon's Dec. 1 inauguration. The meeting comes two weeks after Mr. Bush signed a bill authorizing nearly 700 miles of new fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Although he didn't criticize the fence in his remarks to reporters in the Oval Office, Mr. Calderon said at a later press conference attended by Mexican and Spanish-language press that he told Mr. Bush the fence is a mistake.

"I told him our opinion that [the wall] is a mistaken remedy because it doesn't resolve the problem," the president-elect said, speaking in Spanish. "But he explained that this remedy was in response to the concerns of the United States to have a secure border."

He and other Mexican officials have compared the fence -- which will be built in major smuggling corridors -- to the Berlin Wall...

Mexicans living in the United States -- legally and illegally -- will send home $24 billion in remittances this year, making it one of the nation's largest sources of income, along with oil sales.

Mr. Bush and outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox had pledged in 2001 to try to secure an immigration accord that would legalize Mexican illegal aliens, but those efforts stalled after the September 11 terrorist attacks boosted concerns over immigration and border security.

Congressional Republicans, in particular, have balked, arguing that allowing illegal aliens a path to citizenship amounts to an amnesty for bad behavior, and would encourage more illegal entry.

Um, isn't this the type of scenario that results in street marches? I think that's a hint of the next action item.

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Had Enough said:

White House spokesman Tony Snow said the Democratic takeover of the House would provide new opportunities to advance "comprehensive immigration reform"

In a press conference, Bush said, "Yes, I think we have a better chance of getting immigration reform now with a Democrat-controlled Congress."

"I told you this before the election. I told you, 'The reason we don't have amnesty and a guest worker program is because of the Republicans in the House.' Now with Democrats running the place you're going to get it and the president's excited about it," Rush Limbaugh said.

Had Enough said:

Bush knew when he signed the fence bill it was not funded. It was a stunt only meant to pacify and shut people up for the time being.

He does not and never did want any enforcement.

Since March he has been working hard behind the scenes forming his North American Union with Canada & Mexico which will open both borders and put our truck drivers and dock workers out of work while Mexico is running their own Customs Station from Kansas which Mexico says the station will have to be declared a Territory of Mexico to operate.

This port in Kansas will be for the shipments of cheap goods from China shipped to Mexico and trucked to Kansas from Mexico. Then distributed by Mexican Truckers throughout our country on the New Super Highway that we will be paying for very soon.

He has signed this North American Union under a trade agreement.

His plan is for Mexico have have Free Reign of this Country and to bring us down to Mexico's level. Canadian citizens are outraged and puzzled as to why we are not.

zimzo said:

Please, Joe, please do this, please make a big, stupid, futile gesture on immigration.

"In 2004, Kerry won Latinos 53-44. In 2006, the Dems won Latinos 69-30. It went from a 9 point spread to a 39 point spread. Yes, the Latino desertion of the GOP was greater than any other demographic group. It's worth noting that Latinos were 8% of the electorate in both cases."

And thank you for what you and your friends have done already for the Democratic party and for moderates and liberals in this country. Your work is greatly appreciated.

This and more, Zimzo, this and more. Glad we could help your party and President Kerry.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

NOW you're saying "We have a president who is clueless" I could have told you that in 2000! oh well, I'll still mark it up as common ground.

I don't think the source of the problem is in the US. It is in Mexico, where people feel that living on the margins of American society is a better option than trying to survive in their homeland.

Typical of this admin. to come up with an unimaginative and purely symbolic response. Build a wall. It's a symbol, that's all. "We will protect you" A wall. The idea that we can ward off low wages and unemployment with a fence, a trench, and some razor wire borders on superstition.

How about amending NAFTA so Mexico can place tariffs on any US imports for which the costs of production are subsidized? That would make Mexican producers able to to remain competitive, rather than being driven out of business, and it would also provide an incentive for subsidized US producers to be competitive through market forces rather than tax-dollar subsidies.

but that's not all. there would be a stipulation in the deal that the revenue the Mex. gov. generated from the tariffs would have to go to job-creating development projects in Mexico and border patrol efforts. Politically, you'd have to let them use some portion of the revenues at their own discretion, to keep the whole thing from looking like a, "We're America and We're going to tell you what to do" kind of deal. It'd have to look all bi-lateral and mutually beneficial, which it would be. We'd even have a bi-lateral commission to monitor the funds and agree that they're being used appropriately.

of course, Mexican tariffs on subsidized US imports might also cause job loss in the US. The moral of the story is that the economic strength of any country is tied to the strength of other economies. when our neighbor is in bad shape, it's going to effect us, one way or another. I'd like to see a joint effort to improve the Mex. econ. rather than our gov. indulging an isolationist fantasy that we can just wall ourselves off from the rest of the world.

that's all I got. I'm sure there're problems with this idea, but when the best our fearless leaders can come up with is a big wall...

Stay Puft, you absolutely nailed it. I take issue with the contention there is NO utility in a wall, but otherwise you are on the mark. Mexico is a mess and NAFTA certainly caused part of the mess. The Mexican government at the time - I think under Salinas - advocated for NAFTA, so it is not as though the present problem is entirely of America's making. And if you read the history you will see Mexico has been making bad decisions for hundreds of years. But until the economy of Mexico is fixed this problem will continue.

The solution to America's illegal immigration problem lies in 1) understanding and addressing the problems in Mexico and Latin America, and 2) making explicit why multiculturalism in the US is a dangerous trend. Immigrants who do not intend to become Americans are problematic.

So we have to look for solutions from the Left and the Right, as it were.

I'll be writing more on this topic with links and data. You may be interested in the information on this page:

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