"Immigration Liberals" Follow Up

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We've had some good replies to this morning's immigration post. Jerry Fuhrman (Blog from on High) says:

Unlike what the Wall Street Journal would have us believe, there are no jobs that "Americans refuse to do." At the right price, we would all gladly pick strawberries. But employers who pay under-market wages to illegal Mexicans have no reason to raise wages to lure us. Stop illegal immigration and watch wages (and prices) rise.

Exactly - although the labor component is a fraction of the retail price of produce. You could double the cost of labor and the price of a pint of strawberries would go up less than 10%.

NVTH visitor Suburbanite says:

Joe, the reaction you received to papers about "workers" may not have been a cigar-chomping moneybags one at all.

There have been beaucoup union dollars in Loudoun since they set up a Loudoun PAC for the Kaine and Poisson campaigns.

There are now entrenched union dollars in NoVA politics, and I get something in my mailbox every week on the Fairfax border from Working America, the AFL/CIO PAC who "cares about working families".

Stay tuned for a challenge to VA's right to work status. The union dollars are going to flow hot and fast here in the interest of the continued "bluing" of VA.

Could be, but I don't think we were being perceived as union reps. Interesting point, though.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

Joe, since you reposted Jerry's comment, I'm going to repost my response:


It isn't true that Mexicans are paid less for harvesting crops. Jobs like picking berries tend to be paid by the amount you pick, not what country you're a citizen of.

Any one of us can pick up our bushel basket and head over to the local berry patch. We don't because the compensation isn't worth the trouble. What's your "right price" for picking berries? Could a farmer pay everyone involved in a harvest that price and still keep the price of the berries low enough that people would buy them?

Whoops, missed that, sorry

Oh, actually I included it in pt. 3. Not very well organized of me, I guess.

That's ok, such golden nuggets of language cannot be duplicated often enough.

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