"Immigration Liberals" Follow Up, pt 2

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More replies to this morning's immigration post. (In addition, obviously, to the Marshmallow Man's excellent response.)

NVTH visitor Rudi says:

I believe that if the minimum wage were to be raised, there would be more people applying for the jobs at the lower end of the scale. Americans can't afford to work for such low pay. Immigrants make it work by supporting each other in the way of many people living in the same household. Stop the corporations and small businesses alike from paying these ridiculously low wages and we will see an upward trend. I myself am on unemployment right now and I have been looking for a job which will support my family of 5. It's not that I won't do the jobs the Mexicans won't do, it's that there is no way I can support my family on what they get paid. Make the pay equal to cost of living and the rest will follow.

You could be right; I've heard different opinions on what effect raising the minimum wage would have. It certainly could not hurt. The larger problem which needs to be solved in any case, however, is with employers who are able to hire illegal aliens without regard for any legislation or regulations.

Loudoun Conservative says:

This country was founded on the rule of law. When law does not rule, humans will be petty tyrants. The labor situation exemplifies this. When corporations ignore the law without consequence, everyone suffers. When corporations are forced to abide by the law, wages go up.

Rudi misses the point. If you remove VA's right to work laws and raise the minimum wage to "the cost of living." (whatever that is), more companies will take the risk of hiring illegals because there is an artificial wage "floor" and many people are willing to work for a price below that floor. If, instead, you enforce the current immigration laws, you reduce the number of people willing to work for next to nothing, while living 20 to an apartment and sending half their earnings south of the border. With those folks gone, as the Crider example demonstrates, companies have an incentive to raise their wages.

Forced unionization is bad for the economy. Artificial price floors and ceilings are bad for the economy. Republicans know that. But its time Republicans realized what Joe is pointing out. Feeding big business at the public trough is bad for the economy too. It's way past time to STOP looking the other way when big business breaks the law. Instead of a complicated tax structure with special breaks for favored industries, it's time to lower taxes for everyone. Let's remember what our economic engine is: the force of human creativity and potential. Let's unleash that force by lowering taxes on millions of potential entrepreuners and their future employees WHILE we enforce current immigration laws.

Remember that old supply / demand curve. A little graph actually does demonstrate how life works. We ignore it at our peril.

Well stated, LC.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

I want to say that I agree with LC's comment insofar as he seems to be saying that deviation from the free market has led to troubles in our economy.

However, in a truly free market, all this would be less of an issue because there would be no agriculture or unskilled manufacturing in the US. An acre of land with an office building on is is worth more than an acre of any crop (excluding, of course, wacky tobaccy). It's simply not efficient to grow food in our economy. Hence the subsidies and all the other distortions of the free market which have been put in place to prop up the agricultural sector.

but US agriculture has never operated in a free market. After the end of slavery, it became addicted to the cheap labor which Mexican workers were willing to do.

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