In case you thought the Dems would govern from the middle...

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the man who refers to "cut and run" as "redeployment". So much for bipartisanship. You asked for it, America.

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Murtha does have some questions to answer, but my money says he gets the post. The Democratic Party is more of a circus than the GOP.

The Republicans demonstrated well that simply because a "leader" holds one position does not mean the rank and file will follow. The Democrats are going to have to stake out specific, thought-through positions now. Not so easy.

Give Murtha the job, I say. Keep him on the stage.

Ted said:

And let's see if the MSM goes back and looks at Murtha's involvement in Abscam.

Not that I'd holding my breath.

No Relation said:

I'd agree with you Joe, let them rule from the far left and screw themselves, but I'm worried about the damage them folks can do in the meantime.

Abscam...definitely some unetheical behavior going on there...but from the tapes I've seen, he did nothing illegal.

No Relation said:

I wish he had.

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