Jack, on Jim Webb

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Wow. Has everyone read Jack's fisking of the Jim Webb WSJ column?

I fully expect to support and hope to influence Jim Webb over the next six years but also must acknowledge the faults. Our own Jack has gotten the latter task off to a great start. I hope this gets forwarded to the Senator.

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charles said:

James Glassman took out after Webb's article as well. In an article in American.com (http://www.american.com/archive/2006/november/the-class-struggle-of-jim-webb), he details the vacuity of Webb's argument and his lack of any solution.

But in Glassman's analysis, James takes particular note of one sentence Webb wrote: "An unspoken insinuation seems to be inundating our national debate: Certain immigrant groups have the 'right genetics' and thus are natural entrants to the 'overclass,' while others, as well as those who come from stock that has been here for 200 years and have not made it to the top, simply don't possess the necessary attributes."

Glassman then points out the number of minorities in the Forbes list of the richest Americans, and says THIS: And then there's Sheldon Adelson (number three on the Forbes list), who grew up poor as the son of a Boston cabdriver and borrowed $200 from his uncle to set up a business to sell newspapers when he was 12. As for having the "right genetics," Adelson is Jewish, but, then, maybe that's what Webb has in mind."

There's always been an undercurrent of "Jewish" reference in this Senate race, first in the primaries and then in the general election. The Media largely ignored it, and leftleaning bloggers attacked anybody who would suggest Webb had any problems with Jews. So it was "interesting" to see a national writer bring up the same point.

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