John Kerry and the Troops, pt 4

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Finally, the Kerry supporters begin to crawl out into the light of day:

The sad fact is, young men and women without a college degree usually earn less, as much as $23,000 a year less, according to a recent U.S. Census report. And many of those have-nots, lured into the military by enlistment bonuses, find themselves in Iraq. Then, in many cases, their tours of duty have been extended, because the U.S. military is currently overextended with troops needed on numerous fronts.

"Stuck in Iraq" says it pretty well.

It isn't designed to do much for the self image of any American who happens to be in Iraq right now, but that's apparently a bitter pill some of our countrymen are willing to swallow.

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Today I have seen a respond from the troops in Iraq.

They made a funny photo with a transparent which said that they are stuck in Iraq and Kerry should help them out.
I think it was a very smart, funnny and entertaining respond from them.

Thank you for sharing this story with me !

e-tranger said:

I'll agree that the sign was funny, but ultimately the (bad) joke is on them and, to a lesser extent, the rest of us.

Kerry characteristically flubs a Bush-bashing joke and this is transformed into a slam against "the troops."

This distraction gives the GOOP a reprieve -- perhaps; we shall see -- from a drumbeat of bad news about which the GOOP has no one to blame but itself.

Bread and circuses, folks.

Again, what greater sort of catastrophe has to befall this country than what it has already experienced in Iraq before people wake up?

For serious, honest people there can be no question of accountability: responsiblity for the misconceived and ill-executed misadventure rests entire with the incumbent.

But did you know that Kerry wears mauve spandex wind-surfing outfits? Or that, even worse, he speaks French?

Heaven help us if this is the sort of thing that determines elections in America these days.

I don't see this determining the election - not next week's election anyway. I think the episode did make the 2008 Democratic field one soldier lighter.

e-tranger said:

I hope you're right about the first sentence --though that the election could even be remotely close is itself scandalous.

About the second sentence: JFK II had his chance in 2004 and did not prevail, which I've (cynically and lately) come to realize is not a bad thing.

Accountability, you know: if JFK II had won the election and proceeded with exactly the same "policy" employed by the incumbent in Iraq over the last two years, there can be no doubt that the architects of the present catastrophe (and their cheerleaders) would be saying, "You see. Everything was going just swell until the anti-military leftist from Taxachusetts came in and faffed it all up." There can be no doubt about that.

In any event, Kerry had no chance for a reprise in 2008, even before the present media circus.

Too bad for the GOOP.

I'm not sure about your hypothetical but I agree with the rest. We won't have John Kerry to kick around anymore. Not for any useful outcome, anyway.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

wow. John Kerry stutters and y'all flip out. Not even the president has that kind of power!

He didn't stutter, Puft Daddy. Can we be straightforward about this one little fact?

S.P.M. Man said:

stutter, misspoke, misread the teleprompter, 6 of one, 1/2 a douzen of the other.

I suppose it gives conservatives something to cling to, though...

in 4 days, the revolution will be televised!

have a nice weekend

I would not say it's anything to "cling to"; I mean, sometimes my life seems pretty grim but all in all not so dreary that I find pleasure in cozying up with thoughts of John Kerry's latest screw up.

If Dallas beats Washington this Sunday, THAT'S something to cling to.

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