Lovie Smith wins my "Coolest Guy Ever" Award

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Let me take a break from the usual topics and share my glee over Da Bears. And let me say, we owe it to Coach Smith.

Now, "coolest guy ever" is not a title I give out lightly. I would easily give it to Jesus Christ, but since he is both man and God, I still haven't made up my mind if that qualifies him for "guyness". If it does, Lovie Smith will have to be #2. But that's still really good.

If I can ever find the strength to forgive Ditka for the New Orleans thing, he would get my "coolest guy ever" award. But I'm human. Forgiveness is divine, or however that stupid saying goes.

If anyone cares to vote on this issue, I will take your vote into consideration. However, on the "Coolest Guy Ever" award, I hold strict veto power, and I've already made up my mind. So your vote is worthless. But please, entertain me with it anyway. Also, while I'm harmless, I can be very scary towards those who dare cross Da Bears.

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kevin said:

All for amnesty, Amnesty for all.

My vote goes to Tony Romo.

But Smith is cool; it takes a big man to pull off "Lovie." I considered changing my first name to "Happy" but figured the irony would be too much.



Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

this strikes me as a little gay. oh well, I guess we all feel a little more secure in our sexuality ever since the constitutional ban on gay marriage. I nominate Mario Lopez. Has anyone seen him on Dancing with the Stars? that boy has moves!

Always with the sex, Gozer ...

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

what can i say, it's sloar nature!

No Relation said:

Sorry, I forgot to start with "Please don't think I'm gay."


What a bizarre thread...it starts with football, and ends with nonsense. None of the thread has anything to do with being "town hall", by the way, but at least the Lovie Smith post follows basic Man Law. The rest of you must post from your dimly lit basement apartments.


THE GREAT PROGNOSTICATOR!!! predicts, Bears 24, New England 21.

No Relation said:

Awww, cumaaaan. You give em 21?

The Bears Defense is like a wall...You can't go troo it!


How can you omit Walter Payton from a coolest guy ever discussion? and for that matter, Mike Singletary?

No Relation said:

How can you give New England 21 points? Are you forgetting the awesome Superbowl of the '85 Bears?

No Relation said:

Singletary works for the Niners now, so that just might be treason. As for Payton, see my previous comments on Jesus Christ.

No Relation said:

Just kidding, Lord. Forgive me. But with Payton, you truly created a masterpiece. I mean, the man must have been a T-1000 or something. Definitely above the level of "guy".


Wow, that's some late night posting. I decided a decade or so ago that I would not let the net enslave me away from sleep.

Until the Super Bowl shuffle video is bested, Walter Payton is the coolest guy ever. Lovie Smith is cool, but he is even behind Ernie Banks. As for the 21 points for New England, I am, after all, THE GREAT PROGNOSTICATOR!!! I hereby declare that your attempt to hold veto power is hereby vetoed.


I am aware that Emitt Smith rushed for a few more yards, but Walter Payton did his dancing in a Super Bowl video, not "Dancing with the Stars."

This discussion is becoming quite insane. Quite insane, indeed.


So now the thread is insane? It was more logical when the discussion was about changing one's name to "Happy?"

NR, JFN is obviously not a Bears fan...he may believe that there are buildings in Dallas taller than the Sears Tower .

No Relation said:

Sears is taller.

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