Men, Men, Men, Men

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Blogging is a man's game, and all the best bloggers are men: On these notions there is little disagreement. What interests me is, why is this so?

After all the contentiousness we've had at this site, I believe it is high time to seek some common ground, which I think this post will achieve in the minds of all good men. Brothers, if there be any disagreement among us, let us remember that we share a bond. Though our politics may differ at times, we will always share the noble vision of a male-dominated blogosphere.

We who have an eye for quality know that some jobs can only be filled by the right man. Women are great, but they can only take you so far.

In the midst of this fine new world, however, I think we are all committed to the principle of respect for our sisters in blogging.

Some of the latter, such as Melanie Phillips, American Daughter, and A Moderate Voice, admittedly might challenge us and rise above us at times. These are conundrums. But we must always remember that three pears accidentally dropped in the apple-barrel do not transform it into a barrel of pears.

Others, such as Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, might on the face of it present a similar conundrum, but in reality they are to NOVA TownHall as Venus is to Plymouth Rock: in another dimension on which we are not qualified to comment. So our worship can continue unabated, with no objections of conscience.

But these are clearly the exceptions.

The best thing about men, which I think we've demonstrated here, is how they can take a bloody bruising, pick themselves up off the ground, throw a gratuitous roundhouse kick to the groin, and then sit down with their erstwhile opponent to share a twelve-pack or three and hash over the great questions of the day.

Women bloggers more often seem to hold a grudge. To their shame, I might add.

Finally, despite the hundreds of reasons I love women, I think they come up just a little bit short in the agressiveness department. While men are smacking each other in the head with two by fours, women never seem to rise above the level of catcalls. It's a death-match. ladies: Did you not get the memo?

Well, anyway, I imagine some will take issue with this post. More so, I expect the men among us will need to decide with whom we each stand. That's all fine.

But make no mistake: Complacency is death, especially for a blog. We need to build alliances, and we need to energize the masses. If we can't do those things, we might as well be just sitting at home typing the occasionally snarky comment.

I, for one, want to bring all men of good bearing into our fold. If that means alienating half the population, then I will sleep soundly knowing that THIS half is on the right track.

I look forward to opinions from both sides and I think this post pretty much innoculates me against ever holding public office. Which is nice.

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No Relation said:

Joe, with a title like that, you should have gone back to saying "Please don't think I'm gay".

But you're right, it's a man's blog world. I like to think it's because there are many guys just like us who are way too cool to occupy our time with D&D.

Could this post have been any more sexist?

Jack said:

I suspect, Joe, that you may be sleeping soundly because you don't have anyone stealing your blankets.

Walter said:

Cherio Joe,

Let's meet at the bath house and discuss this up close and personal. I'll bring brandy, cigars, and massage oil. Jack, Joe, John Grigsby, Kevin, No Relation, Zimzo, Stay Puft, what do you say? Joe, can you invite Eugene and his cute aid?

Hugs and Kisses and forgive me if I left anybody out.

There is so much love at this blog that sometimes it is hard to stave off the affection. I guess that's what this post is really about.

Vivian, don't take me too seriously. It's a good rule and many have learned to follow it strictly.

A Moderate Voice said:


This should be your response to this post:


Thanks Joe I needed the laugh.

Oh, one more thing, ladies you may not believe it by this post, but Joe is actually a pretty good guy.

Mod gets it. Hopefully our other 20 or so resident bloggers will also get it, that if no one writes anything new for a day or two Joe will step bravely into the breach regardless of time of day or whether he has anything worthwhile to say, which, as we all know, he usually does not.

John Grigsby said:

Responding to Vivian, yes, that post could have been more sexist, but I'm too busy to be a regular poster here.

Hey, btw, who is this "Walter" guy? Have I seen him at our bath house before, or is he referring to a different bath house?

Jack said:

Thanks, Walter, but I have a date with my wife and a bottle of warm oil. You boys have fun, and let's all abide by the "don't ask, don't tell" rule, OK?

Mark said:

The square table has spoken! Man law has been made! cheers!

thanks for the smile Joe

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:


Robin said:

I've given birth. Top that, then we'll talk.


Robin, Ok, I'll grant you birth is something.

In terms of the whole continuation of human life thing, women have their place at the table, and deservedly so.

I value them also for conversation, creativity, good shooting skills, bargaining power, thriftiness, reminding me why I'm going to Hell, and side dishes.

Too often, I assume a slab of beef, a pile of greens, and a cabinet full of adult beverages equals a dinner party. Turns out, you really need those side dishes. That's a lesson I'm still learning.

No Relation said:

MV gets it. Robin and Vivian don't seem to understand satire. See, if I understand Joe correctly, this post was a joking and friendly challenge for women to be more involved with our blog, or blogging in general, for that matter.

We get lonley when it's only Zimzo and Poof-guy to keep us company from behind their keyboards.

John Grigsby said:

Just remember, childbirth is roughest on the man.

Loudoun Conservative said:

LOL! Joe, Joe, Joe!

The thing is, you are at least partially right. Not nearly completely right, but partially. Statistics still show (as surely does experience) that politics generally is more dominated by men than women. It follows that political blogging is as well.

When it comes to civic involvement, women are more likely to be on the PTA and men are more likely to be part of those orange suited road crews that pick up trash, too. But a generalization like that doesn't tell me much about either gender.

Nonetheless, far more women are politically active than just 25 years ago - and increasing numbers of them are conservative. Could it be that many women want to join the battle of ideas? How many men have shunned or degraded women who join the battle of ideas such that the women who are involved had to both fight on the ideas front and fight men for the right to BE in the battle? Those who have fought on both those fronts and made it seem to have displayed quite a lot of that aggressiveness quotient Joe admires. Plus a good bit of tenacity. Some hold a grudge. Many do it with a smile, understanding that while not all of their male comrades want them, they DO need them. :-)

You must have been really desparate for some blog traffic or comment activity to resort to this subject for posting.

Anyway, thanks for the back-handed compliment.

A Moderate Voice / Phyllis Randall said:

Oh to be one of the chosen three women bloggers Joe speaks of.

But it’s getting late, so while the men go make
"man law";

We should go prepare dinner, clean the house, feed the children, make our man a drink and be ready at the door, wearing nothing but a teddy, pearls and a smile for when our man arrives home from a hard day at work.

American Daughter and Melanie Phillips, join me while once again I say:


AD, I guess if you put it like that it is sort of a lame thing for me to do. Thanks to both of you for playing along ...

John Grigsby said:

Joe, you were showing some promise, until you let AD dress you down, pun intended.

Sorry that it's come to this. NR, Jack, and I are voting you off the man island. That means more room on the couch in front of the TV, less arguments over sports and less holes in the wall after games. It will also take longer to run out of bathroom tissue ... not that we'll notice.

Robin said:

Hey there, NR. I was joking dear. Of course I get good satire (and it was good) Didn't you see the my little smiley face? I like the invitation to be more involved. I may have to add some chintz curtains however and a flower couch cover. Perhaps we could add some wine coolers?
Again ;-)

I do believe my husband did have a hard time during the birth of our son. He fainted.

Geez, I'm actually starting to like you guys.

kevin said:

Robin, "Geez, I'm actually starting to like you guys." I think I'm finding that's all part of the diabolical plan, be careful. . .

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