New Direction at the RNC

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It looks like Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) will be the new chair at the RNC, after Ken Mehlman steps down in January.

It’s interesting to see that Michael Steele, who knows how to run one heck of a campaign, was passed over, for Sen. Martinez, a first term U.S. Senator from Florida. Of course, this can be viewed as a move to support President Bush’s immigration policy. But I think more importantly, it could be a move to help continue to bring minorities into the party, since the Hispanic vote in key states like Florida is growing. It seems that Martinez came out of nowhere for this one, but perhaps it was a smart move for the RNC.

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This is indescribably stupid. How can someone do a competant job as Chairman of the RNC when he is also a full-time US Senator? Answer - he can't. Martinez can only be a figurehead. You don't really have a new chairman.

You missed the chance to look for a new vision the way that Democrats found their new vision (the 50 state strategy) when they had that long process/debate leading to electing Howard Dean as their Chairman. Moving this fast was just a bad idea. The RNC would have done well to wait a few weeks to digest the election results and look for a consensus on how to return to power. Then let that consensus lead you to a leader who can implement it.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Look at who got left out of this decision - YOU. You and every other Republican in America. There's been no time for committee members to go back to the grassroots and see what direction folks want to take. They just shoved someone down your throats - someone who obviously isn't even going to have time to do the job. I find it bizarre that so many Republicans enjoy being treated this way by their party.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

new direction? flip-floppers

No Relation said:

Michael Steele is great, but I'd rather see him running for some kind of public office again, rather than be tied down with this chairmanship. He's young, so let's hope he does it.

The RNC was already a joke so maybe they decided, what the heck. Can't anger the grassroots any more than they already have, might was well put in someone who might bring in ethnic votes as Aislinn noted.

Jackson, I think YOU think the party chairmanship is way more important than it is. Ken Mehlman's letters to me have been going straight into the trash all year (after I quit writing "close the border" on the reply cards and returning them with no money enclosed.)

A Shamnesty guy for the face of the RPV. What is the political math that his Cuban immigrant Hispanic-ness brings in more votes than amnesty for illegals loses?

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