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Kevin said:

This argument about third in line stuff seems a little desperate and silly. The line in the video about "if both bush and cheney are impeached" got a good laugh.

zimzo said:

There were a lot of possibilities that were left out:

"if Bush and Cheney are both swept away by a tornado..."

"if Bush and Cheney both shoot each other in a hunting accident..."

"if Bush and Cheney both resign and run off to Amsterdam to get married..."

Kevin said:

Hahaha. I like the tornado scenario.

Had Enough said:

It is the damage she has done and is capable of doing now that people should worry about.

This quote was from the Lou Dobbs Show last week "Speaker Pelosi will reauthorize the Clinton gun ban. Give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens with Detroit liberal John Conyers, and raise taxes with New York liberal Charlie Rangel".

She needs the illegals to work in her winery. She does not hire any unionized anything only illegals.

She opposes fences, deportation or anything that deters illegals from invading this country. She sounds alot like murderer teddy.

Kevin said:

. . .my sides are about to split

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