Reaching Across the Aisle

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Yowch! It's great in many ways, but that angle is phenomenal. I think we can ALL agree, bears are cool.

No Relation said:

I'm the big one.

No Relation said:

And speaking of Da Bears, those Jets are going down hard.

kevin said:

sorry if that killed anyone's browser, I didn't mean to make it so big. The Field Museum in Chicago is great!

Didn't seem too slow to load and I have Verizon DeadlySlow DSL (TM). No prob. My normal way to do it is upload one at roughly 350 pixels on the longest side and another hyperlinked at 750. All 72 dpi, of course.

This is a great post. We need more evocative stuff like this. I'll try to come up with some soon.

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