Republican Spin

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Call it "spin" if you like, but historically, Dems should have done much better. In an average 6th-year midterm, the President's party loses 6 Senate seats and 34 House seats. While the Dems may get the Senate seats, they won only 27 House seats, with 8 still undetermined. With a supposedly unpopular war and president to run against, one would have expected better. It was not exactly a revolution a la Newt Gingrich.

Of particular interest is that the Democrats who did take Republican-held seats were generally NOT running as liberals. Just look at Webb. Where does he stand on immigration and abortion? Where does he stand on gun control? He only switched parties for this election. Is he even a real Democrat, or just a DINO?

There is one silver lining to the losses, besides their not being as bad as the average -- no more Lincoln Chafee.

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See, you're going to be very happy with Jim Webb as your Senator. Everything is gonna be ok. You got your clock cleaned but it was for the best.

Jack said:

Well, we don't know about the Webb-Allen race yet. There are still recounts to be done and votes to steal.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

oh, jack.

zimzo said:

Gracious even in defeat you are, Jack.

Jack said:

What did I do? You're the ones who claim Bush stole Florida and Ohio. If Allen can't steal this back, he doesn't deserve to be our Senator.

Kevin said:

Holy smackdown, batman! Rumsfeld did the right thing.

Sean said:

Check what the Congress is planning to slip through in its remaining days.

Help India with its nuke program? With so many Muslims living there? Why does this make me nervous.

Are we outsourcing our nuclear technology now? Computer companies have outsourced their help desk for years and that's a mess. Can you imagine what outsourcing nuclear technology will do?

By the way, China had a record US$23.8 billion trade surplus in October.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

anyway Jack,

you said the dems should have done much better, but the average is actually around 25 seats changing hands, not 34.

So I guess that makes this year's democrats slightly above average --you loose!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

ok, you said "6th year midterm" but Ann Coulter is still an obnoxio-fascist, and you still loose!

Over the line, Stay Puft: Bringing St. Ann in is completely uncalled for.

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