Romo on a Roll

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PDTIG, but that Tony Romo sure is something, ain't he?



With this kid at quarterback, the Cowboys are looking like veritable Giant-killers. I mean, shudder the thought, but they're looking almost like Bear-killers.

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No Relation said:

All right, Joe, I'll take that bait.
Dallas has beaten a bunch of lousy teams, plus Indianapolis. They're in first place only because NY hasn't yet played this week. Dallas will have to fight just to get a wild card spot.

Chicago, on the other hand, has a five game lead in their division. They've all but locked themselves a playoff spot, so unless Minnesota or Green Bay can win every game, and Chicago loses every game, we're looking at another SuperBowl Shuffle.

No Relation said:

Besides, I'm pretty sure "Romo" is what Scooby Doo would say when he realizes he's about to be sacked by Urlacher and Anderson.


Romo on a Roll? Is that a sandwich? I prefer deep dish pizza.

No Relation said:

That's it! It IS a sammich. A sammich made out of one Dallas quarterback between two Chicago defensive ends!

Man, I hope they meet in the playoffs.

HA! You guys remind me why I like da' Bears even when I hate da' Bears. I grant you Chicago has evolved into a decent team. The loss to Miami was likely a good thing as was Indy's loss to Dallas (and Dallas' loss to Washington) because it keeps them humble and makes them aware of some weak points in advance of the playoffs.

All that being said, watch out. The Cowboys are becoming a dangerous team and if they continue in the direction they're going Chicago fans will be VERY antsy come January. If they beat New York a week from Sunday, you'd better start checking your rearview mirrors, gentlemen.

No Relation said:

That Miami loss was merely a Chicago tradition for years they win the Superbowl. A tribute to the '85 Bears. Nothing more.

NR, that is a seriously great rejoinder. I'm going to appropriate it to explain our loss to the Redskins.

No Relation said:

Hey, I back anyone over the Redskins, especially Dallas.

The only condition under which I back the Skins is if they're playing a team Chicago needs knocked out of playoff contention.

Not an issue this year, though.

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