Sanctuary Fairfax?

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Ohio Jobs and Justice maintains a list of "sanctuary cities" in the U.S., which

instruct city employees not to notify the federal government of the presence of illegal aliens living in their communities. The policies also end the distinction between legal and illegal immigration -- so illegal aliens often benefit from city services too.

Fairfax County is on the list, albeit with a question mark.

From what I have heard anecdotally from people in Herndon who have to deal with the county, I'd say it's likely true but I'll try to find out more.

(Found via Free Republic).

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zimzo said:

This is what I have been saying. You are not going to be able to deport a great number of illegal immigrants without a big fight on your hands from a number of communities in this country. That's just one reason why your position on this issue is extreme and unrealistic. The fact that Condoleeza Rice didn't know this is yet another example of how out of touch and incompetent this administration is (You mean they aren't going to welcome us with flowers in Iraq?) Welcome to the reality based community.

Hmm, I see. Three questions:

1) Huh?

2) Who exactly is talking about deporting? It sure was not me.

3) "Condoleeza Rice"? Didn't you mean "Doctor Who" ? Or was it "Mickey Mantle" ?

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

this is just one more example of why Ohio sucks.

That whole website only serves as a diversion from the real issue facing Ohio: the bullshit sod at their retarded little horseshoe stadium.

Ohio: stop wasting your time playing hicksville and start investing in some FieldTurf!

christ almighty!

kevin said:

Hey Joe, did you ever get your coveted numbers of illegal immigrants eating up all your tax dollars in the XXXXX County Detention Center? Wait, rather, I think we decided it was best to get the number of convicted illegal immigrants from your judicial district. Any word on those?

kevin said:

Go Bmore! Cincinatti sucks.

Kevin, actually it was members of the county board of supervisors' finance and public safety committees who asked the Sheriff to provide that information during an October hearing. The Sheriff still has not given his report and is scheduled to do so on Dec. 5. You talk as though you know something everyone else doesn't: care to share it with the rest of us?

kevin said:

I anxiously await the 5th. There is a boatload of stuff I know that everyone else doesn't but it has nothing to do with any of that :) I'm just a quite curious fellow, For some reason, about a state I don't even live in. And now you've intrigued me even more. Let me know if the Sheriff's inquiry ever sees the light of day. And we'll agree (possibly to disagree) that the important numbers are really the number of convictions reported by the State's Attorneys office.

zimzo said:

1) Huh? to you, too.

2) Then what do you propose to do with the 15 million immigrants who are here if you oppose amnesty? Wait for them to die off of natural causes? Drive them into the sea?

3) Didn't you actually read the article you posted a link to? There was a big fat quote from Condoleeza Rice right at the top.

4) Right back at ya.

Had Enough said:

zimzo, How often do you wash that white flag of surrender?

I have a friend who witnessed a accident last summer. 4 mexicans in the front seat of a truck rear ended a pickup truck.

The mexicans could not hardly stand up when they got out of the truck. There was beer all over the inside of the windows and them. They threw beer cans and rags that they used to try and clean up the mess over a embankment before the police arrived.

The man they hit kept telling the police but he was basically ignored.

When the victim pressed the issue the police said that the driver told him that only the passengers were drinking. They did no test on him or the passengers.

The only thing the police really did was call a tow truck.

Had Enough said:

He made it home from Iraq

Police Faulted After Earlier Drunken Driving Case Dropped

Crash Suspect Had Feb. Charge

At least 12 (sometimes more) American Citizens are killed each day in this country by illegal aliens.

When 1 1/2 times the 9-11 victims is killed each year by illegal aliens on our soil, encouraged to sneak over our border by their government, I have to wonder why we are in Iraq?

Had Enough said:

Takoma Park, Maryland allows illegals to vote.

Eleanor Holmes Norton also believes that all residents whether Citizens or illegal aliens should be allowed to vote in all city elections.

Her remark was, if they live here they should have a voice as to how it is run.

There are also several other local cities and towns that allow all residents to vote regardless of citizenship or legal status but I can't locate them right now.

H.E., now that's what I'm talking 'bout. Don't shrink from that Zimzo fellow: Give him a smack now and then when he deserves it. A bloody nose never hurt anybody.

Zimzo, Well huh huh huh HUNH I say to you, sir, with annoying nasal French atonation!

Ok, sorry about the snarky Rice comment: You and I are on the exact same page on this topic. I skimmed past the top of that Web page to read the list of cities.

The Bush administration has been a disaster in this area. Under Clinton, something like 2000 business a year were hit with violations on hiring illegal aliens. Under Bush, there have been maybe 5 during the entire term. No surprise Rice is ignorant. The surprise is, why aren't you praising her for her ignorance and the administration's inaction?

On deportation and amnesty, I think I've spelled out my position: Crack down on businesses and many illegal aliens will self-deport. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens travel south any given year.

Of course police should be tied in with ICE to deport those who are retained. This has the added benefit of advertising one's community as not being such a great place for illegal aliens to settle.

As H.E.'s example spells out so clearly: Right now, here, police in some jurisdictions just look the other way because their higher ups are totally confused about what to do. They just let people go when they find out they are here illegally because of the the jurisdictional confusion.

Getting the ICE enforcement authority for local police will change the mindset for that county or town. When law enforcement catches an illegal alien in a criminal act, the alien can be retained and eventually subject to deportation.

The solution is cracking down on businesses operating without a license (subcontractors), and businesses hiring illegal aliens.

You don't need 119,000 raids. You only need 10 raids with fines of $10,000 per violation and 10 executives frog marched to the courthouse. Everyone else would get the message and quit gaming the system, and the jobs would dry up. End of problem.

Had Enough said:

Clinton enacted the Motor-Voter which enabled millions of illegals to register to vote when they got their drivers license. Not 1 has ever been prosecuted for voting illegally.

Clinton issued executive order 13166 on 8-11-00, "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency." This was the beginning of spanish ballots and Such an executive order could prohibit requirements that U.S. citizenship tests be taken in English.(some have already been exempted based on residence requirements)

Illegals have much to be thankful for. hilary, mccain, reid, shumer, durbin, kennedy ..... are trying to carry on the traditions. Although, kennedy has 40 years of damage.

Go Clintons!!! .....

Then came bush!!!

Why can't I use someone else's social, claim 11 and not worry about the tax man because Rep Bernie Thompson warns Cintas not to fire anyone (illegals)they find without a matching name & social.

We (The Citizens) have become the stepchild.

Had Enough said:

"Family Values Don't Stop at the Rio Bravo" -- George W. Bush

Just some of bushes hard working folks

Had Enough said:

rice uses that exact phrase every time she wants to appear ignorant, when in fact, it is her way of pleading the 5th without being too obvious.

She needs a new one, this one is worn out!

zimzo said:

Yes, Joe, your approach has worked so well in the drug war. I guess that's why there are no drugs anymore.

Had Enough, I'm glad that it is Mexicans causing all the drunk driving accidents. If I had known that all we have to do to stop drunk driving is deport all the Mexicans, then I would have been on your side a long time ago.

I look forward, HE to your three or four responses filled with capital letters and paranoid fantasies. Please don't hit the keyboard so hard again or you'll have to buy yet a new one. Expenses like that add up, you know.

Had Enough said:

Definition of "sanctuary city" = "city under siege."

Zimzo, I sense H.E. has hit a raw nerve with you! I think you are befuddled, sir, because H.E. speaks the truth and you have no ready answer!

H.E. does not fit into your "anti-Bush sentiment explains the entire world" paradigm.

Word, Zim: We're not Bush fans, either. Your world is turning upside down. Maybe ... just maybe ... YOU are the Bush fan.

Kevin, by the way, sorry, bro. Cincy was fired up.

Had Enough said:

When 80% of the invaders are from a specific source, it must be the main problem.

It makes no difference where you read or hear about the crimes with illegal aliens that 80% commit 95% of the crime.

And, let's not forget John Lee Malvo either. Now we are footing the bill for the rest of his life.

No matter who they are it does not matter - they are all illegal aliens and they are not supposed to be here to begin with.

I do not care where they come from, they need to go home.

I believe that the 4,500 or so Citizen families that lose a family member each year agree. If the laws had been enforced most likely those 4,500 people would still be alive.

kevin said:

Joe, unbelievable. fired up I think is an understatement.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

I don't know, HE. when people propose Hate Crime laws, conservatives say, "we have laws against murder and assault/battery, we don't need to take special actions when these things are commited out of hatred"

now you want to (what exactally are you advocating??) because you saw some "mexicans" cause an accident?

you know, I once read about a psycho killer. he was white. so, we've got to do something about whitey, right HE!

not that I like name-calling, but sooner or later you gotta call a spade a spade. know what I'm saying HE?

Tom Pearwon said:

The Sheriff is a good guy. It is his command staff that is undermining him and will cost him or those under him to lose the next election for the Dems. He should get rid of his top 10 people and look for professionals.
Tom Pearson
Mt. Vernon Dist.

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