Supreme Court Another Reason To Vote For A Republican Senator

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If you are concerned about illegal immigration, be aware the U.S. Supreme Court is on the verge of the tipping point in favor of enforcement. Critical cases will be percolating up to that level, and the resolution thereof will determine the future of this nation. The Supreme Court is, ultimately, where the ACLU's effectiveness - now challenging Hazleton, PA - will be tested.

Federal Judge James Munley issued a temporary restraining order blocking Hazleton from enforcing both the Illegal Immigration Relief Act and the Landlords Tenant Registration Act Tuesday evening...

The action means neither tenants nor landlords have to register with the city, for now.

The injunction followed by one day a lawsuit that claims the immigration act is unconstitutional.
Private attorneys, the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union filed the lawsuit on Monday.

Despite his many faults, President Bush has come through for conservatives big time with his two appointments to the Court. Rumors are swirling that one more seat - that of Justice John Paul Stevens - may be vacated in the next two years.

Normally, this news might be too ghoulish to repeat publicly. Nevertheless, with the election just days away, it is news that should be considered. It points out what could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the 20-year movement to recast the court with a constitutionalist majority. It would be a cruel twist indeed for conservatives to “teach Republicans a lesson” next Tuesday, only to be taught a lesson themselves within months when new Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D.-Vt.) leads a Democratic majority against the most important Supreme Court nominee in decades. Conservatives whose mantra is “no more Souters” should bear in mind Robert Bork’s fate after the Senate changed from Republican to Democratic hands in 1986...

“There’s no worry on judges,” said Schumer. “And judges is the whole ball of wax.” Other supposedly centrist Democratic candidates including Harold Ford Jr. (Tenn.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Jim Webb (Va.) have refused to rule out filibusters against judicial nominees.

Even if the rumor turns out to be unfounded, it is worth repeating because it crystallizes the reality that there will soon be another high court vacancy. Senators elected next Tuesday to six year terms will, assuredly, vote on the confirmation of at least one new Supreme Court justice before their term is out.

Regardless of your feelings about the president or the GOP in general, if you are a conservative and/or concerned about the prospect of continued rampant illegal immigration into the U.S., be sure to vote for a Republican Senate candidate on Tuesday if you have the opportunity.

One more Bush appointment to the Supreme Court is in the best interests of this country, and a Republican-led Senate is the only way to ensure that will happen.

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A Moderate Voice said:

Hold on Justice Stevens,


The Dems will take the Senate by one seat and Webb will take VA.

Jack said:

Considering Webb's views on women, and his inclination to abandon the war against the Islamists, who are even more denigrating to women that Webb is, I fail to see why you want him to be our Senator.

A Moderate Voice said:

Because the other choice is George Allen.

Been there, done that, got the tee shirt,

And please tell me what Mr. Allen has done as Senator for the Commonwealth of VA that deserves my vote.

Jack said:

Allen has supported the War on Islamic Fascism. Iraq, according to Al Qaeda, is the focal point of that war. Webn does not support that war.

Do you think a Democratic Senate will be more likely to support your position on illegal immigration, or will they support Bush's amnesty plan?

What has Webb done to earn your vote?

Nathan said:

Words of wisdom. The nomination to the SCOTUS is probably the most important role for the senate and the president.

And after November 7, there's 2008 when, again, we must choose: do we want to elect a Dem or a RINO or a real conservative who won't fold like a cheap camera.

You may say I'm jumping the gun but I'm already checking out the first two official GOP candidates -- John Cox of Illinois and Duncan Hunter of Texas. I'm partial to Cox because he's a Beltway outsider. But my point is we need to start working to keep the liberal-left internationalists out of the White House.

Jack, the answer is, Webb has a "D" after his name. It's called partisanship.

A Moderate Voice said:


You seem to forget that the Amnesty plan is the Bush plan. Having said that you are correct, I wish Webb did not agree with the Bush plan for immigration. But I can’t vote on just one issue.

When I consider Allen’s record as Governor, (you know for some reason the whole noose in office thing just does not sit well with me, not to mention not supporting the King Holiday while promoting a Confederate month etc, etc, etc) he comes up very short.

As a Senator Allen has been, let’s say unimpressive. Only now, during the election, is he asking questions about Iraq and considering the possibility that the war has been poorly conducted.

Webb on the other had foresight and knowledge, along with other voices (that Bush decided to ignore).
He warned of some of land mines we were walking into in Iraq. Perhaps it was because he actually has some military experience. (I think decorated Vietnam War Veteran and Secretary of the Navy qualifies as military experience, don’t you)

And as far as your question about women, Allen voted against the Family Leave Act, giving new mothers time off with their newborns. Don’t try to sell his attribute of being concerned about women to me.


You know I never vote for the letter. I actually believe Webb is the better candidate. No perfect by a long shot, but better then the person whose greatest claim to fame is “my father was the coach of the Redskins”

Now, I fully answered your question now back to mine.

What has Allen done as Senator that deserves your vote?

Vote Webb

Mod, he voted against S.2611 (Senate amnesty bill). Also, he sponsored S.3275, for nationwide concealed carry reciprocity. He would be a reliable vote against any attempt to reauthorize the "Clinton gun ban."

He has other votes I agree with and some I disagree with. There is a decent summary here:

Having the "R" after his name, I think, also increases the liklihood of better judges being appointed, as stated in this post.

Had Enough said:

Governor Allen did Not have a noose or Confederate flag in his office.

People should research before making such accusations. Whether you like the man or not writing mis-information is worse than the truth.

I have never cared much for Allen and have advised his office of that a number of times. In the last year he has started to take a more conservative approach to most issues especially immigration. I think that the outrage expressed by people this past year has made many politicians wake up (after the marches in our streets and the arab port deal).

Back to the noose! " Snepp said Allen had a noose when he was a Private Attorney many years ago. He said the senator’s law office was decorated in a western motif, and the noose was hanging on a ficus tree in a secretary’s outer office. He said the senator once counted a Confederate flag among a collection of about 70 flags, but no longer has it".

In the Old West and elsewhere punishment after the conviction of serious crimes were usually carried out in execution by hanging. Hangings in this country started long before the hangings of hate crimes against black people. Of course if you were a witch in New England you got burned at the stake.

Webb was only secretary of the Navy from 4-87 to 2-88 (10 months! I doubt if he found his way around his office to the bathroom in that time) appears to quit when he can not have his way and then turns on the people (like he did Reagan) then switches parties (to democrat) then uses Reagan photo to pitch a friendship that ended in 2-88 after he bad-mouths Reagan. Then refuses to remove Reagan's photo from his campaigne at the request of Nancy Reagan.

If you read Webb's personal web site you see a few differences in his speeches.

On Iraq "I'm not saying we should pick up everything and leave in six months. I'm saying we made a horrendous mistake going in, in my view a strategic error. This is not a moral comment. There are a lot of situations around the world where I wouldn't shed a tear if a leader were taken out. The question is where you draw your national priorities and how that plays out".

Webb said this on 11-02-06:"I will tell you one interesting statistic that I just found out today," he told the Daily Press’ Jim Hodges. "Over the 24 hour period beginning Friday my Web site,, got 170,000 hits. is Webb’s author page, not to be confused with, his campaign site.

So you have to wonder: How many of those hits will turn into votes? And how many will turn into sales"?

I Gotta wonder where his priorities really are.

A Moderate Voice said:

Had Enough,

I never said he had a confederate flag in his office. I said he wanted a confederate month, while being against a MLK day.

And the noose was in his law office, well that makes all the difference in the world.

An attorney with a noose in his office, gosh I want to hire that guy.

Vote Webb

Jack said:

Mod -- I know that this gets personal for you, but as stated earlier, the noose was part of a Western theme decoration, not part of a KKK theme. It does make a difference.

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