The Only Solution to Illegal Immigration

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A Moderate Voice nails it.

There is an answer, it lies not in dealing with the illegals themselves...

We need a fence, but that only addresses the symptom. The primary cause of the problem is not at the border, but inside the U.S. Read the rest.

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zimzo said:

Here's a better, even more "moderate" solution brought to you by the so-called "pro-life" party: Let their babies die.

U.S. Tightens Medicaid Rules for Babies of Illegal Immigrants

November 2, 2006

"WASHINGTON, Nov. 2 — Under a new policy, children born in the United States to undocumented immigrants with low incomes will no longer be automatically entitled to health insurance through Medicaid, federal officials said today.

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Go to Election GuideMore Politics NewsDoctors and hospitals said the policy change would make it more difficult for such infants, who are United States citizens, to obtain health care needed in the first year of life.

Undocumented immigrants are generally barred from Medicaid, but can get coverage for treatment of emergency medical conditions, including labor and delivery. In the past, once a woman received emergency care under Medicaid for the birth of a baby, the child was deemed eligible for coverage as well, and states had to cover them for one year from the date of birth.

Under the new policy, an application must be filed for the child, and the parents must provide documents to prove the child’s citizenship.

Jack said:


Leaving aside the questionable constitutionality of Medicare, I did find one little paragraph in that article that was most interesting:

"Doctors and hospitals denounced the policy change and denied that it was required by the new law."

This could be the act of an overzealous bureaucrat.

Zimzo, on a similar note, the Khmer Rouge killed all the intellectuals by smashing their skulls with hammers. I believe this leaves you folks in the "progressive" camp with some questions to answer. You seek to impose a left wing government on American society, but in spite of the millions of abuses you remain steadfastly loyal to your leftist agenda. Why are you so vicious?

Had Enough said:

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has provided on his web site many statistics on the bills that the democrats passed on their illegal immigration solution.

I saw him present some of these on TV. I also talked to his office numerous times.

Jeff and his staff, lawyers, etc. worked practically around the clock to research his presentations.

You may find some of the information bone-chilling. Please read: 05/12/2006 U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions Outlines 15 Loopholes In Senate Immigration Bill

Any questions that you have are answered somewhere in the list.

I asked his staff if he was interested in moving to Virginia? Unfortunately, NO! So then I inquired about a presidential run; no decision has been made yet!

To be fair, Tom Tancredo and a few others are working just as hard on this issue.

zimzo said:

Joem are you then in fact comparing the actions of the Bush Administration, which has decided to deny medical care to the infants of illegal immigrants, who are in fact American citizens, to the slaughtering of intellectuals by the Khmer Rouge?

No YOU are the Khmer Rouge in the analogy I am drawing. Sorry for not making that clear. Your ideological presuppositions deserve total public condemnation. I should have made that point more clearly.

Had Enough said:

The children born in this country to illegal aliens, guest workers, visitors and temporary workers should not be considered citizens.

These problems have been caused by a misinterpretation that was meant for the children of the slaves.

This republic could have avoided this problem which has lead to constant abuse. Every bill that has been presented to put a stop to it has just floated around with no outcome.

It is a fact that mexicans have twice as many or more children when they are in this country than they do in mexico. I am not referring to the citizens of mexican descent, just the illegals.

These people and their medical care is the responsibility of their homelands. No wonder mexico has a balanced budget.

I think every child deserves medical care, but! This has become a game. Let them take the children that stole citizenship and return home to receive their care and education.

The kids of this country are are suffering in education for the most part all this bilingual and multi-cultural bull.

Gloria Estafan told a story how when she came here from Cuba to Florida she was thrown into the school system, sink or swim.

Look how she turned out. No one catered to her or brought in special language teachers. She learned English, the culture and thrived.

zimzo said:

And how do you make the leap from my believing that babies should have medical care to my supposedly wanting to smash people in the head with hammers? That's quite a leap even for you, Joe.

Jack said:

Whether children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants should be citizens is a valid question, but is not relevant to the discussion. As long as the law says they are citizens, they are entitled to the benefits that other citizens have.

As I read the article, the requirement is to provide some proof of citizenship, which may be a birth certificate (which is issued by the state automatically soon after birth) or hospital records. I do not see that as a particularly onerous requirement.

Now, what about medical care for non-citizen children? Well, emergency care cannot be denied, but what of immunizations? Certainly it is not in the interest of the nation to allow children to go without immunizations. I do not know what the Medicaid policy is there.

What about well-baby check-ups? Here I do not favor the government's picking up the tab, but I would certainly support an NPO that wanted to cover it.

Actually anyone, legal or illegal, receives free medical care in the U.S. if they go to an emergency room. I think there is a law or court ruling to that effect. That's why some hospitals are closing in border states. Seems doctors, nurses and hospital staff like to get paid, the selfish bastards.

Luckily, Zimzo will help finance everything that needs to be covered out of his own pocket, to ensure every child has full coverage.

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