The Rape of Europe

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Paul Belien's "Brussels Journal" blog is a must-read. It should be required for everyone in the U.S., Europeans purportedly too far gone to save.

It isn't nice reading, but necessary.

The number of emigrants leaving the Netherlands and Germany has already surpassed the number of immigrants moving in. One does not have to be prophetic to predict, like Henryk Broder, that Europe is becoming Islamic. Just consider the demographics. The number of Muslims in contemporary Europe is estimated to be 50 million. It is expected to double in twenty years. By 2025, one third of all European children will be born to Muslim families. Today Mohammed is already the most popular name for new-born boys in Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other major European cities.

Broder is convinced that the Europeans are not willing to oppose islamization. "The dominant ethos," he told De Volkskrant, "is perfectly voiced by the stupid blonde woman author with whom I recently debated. She said that it is sometimes better to let yourself be raped than to risk serious injuries while resisting. She said it is sometimes better to avoid fighting than run the risk of death."

I'm going to go a step further and recommend a book that ties in with Belien's theme.

The Age of Tolerance by Glen Reinsford has a prophetic aspect to it: What if Bill Clinton had been removed from office and Al Gore had assumed the presidency in the 2000 election? What would Al have done following 9-11?

Read The Age of Tolerance, and read Brussels Journal, and you get a glimpse of a parallel history.

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Loudoun Conservative said:

"better to be raped"? Apparently Europe has learned nothing from their WWII era failures to resist tyranny. Chamberlain reloaded. Didn't they have to be rescued by us last time? The question is, if we follow in their footsteps, will we have the capacity to rescue anyone, including ourselves?

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