Virginia 10th District Convention Video!

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Anyone fortunate enough to attend the 10th District Convention this year likely still bears a lingering scent of gunpowder and pitch. If you weren't there or just want to relive the insanity, you can go here to read one of our reports straight from the colosseum floor.

Better yet, check out the new video clip featuring the Athena of the Loudoun County GOP herself, Eve Barner, being treated in a fairly unparliamentary manner.

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May 20, Virginia 10th District Convention (High Speed Connection required unless you have all day)

May 20, Virginia 10th District Convention (For Not So High Speed Connections)

Here is a summary of the video by the very quick-on-his-feet gentleman who filmed it:

My first GOP convention was twenty years ago. I've been to county, state, and even one national-level GOP convention, and I've never seen something remotely like this.

It was an incredible display of thuggery or incompetence, take your pick, something I'd expect in a country whose name ended in 'stan', or perhaps Chicago, but certainly not in Virginia.

I had some hint of Jim Rich's capability for this, from his meddling in the affairs of our Loudoun GOP unit, back when Randy Minchew was chair, and my wife was on the Executive Committee. Still, I was dumbfounded by what I saw, especially since his hand-picked chair is an assistant Commonwealth's Attorney for Loudoun County.

The video is a six minute segment that starts after I believe most parliamentary procedure violations had taken place. I took it with an analog camera, though I'll certainly purchase a digital model before the next convention. As camera work goes, clearly I should keep the day job. I chose this segment based on my limited ability to work with the video editing software this incident inspired me to purchase. There was a lot more of this sort of material to work with, had I better video editing skills. Oh well, it looks like there will be a next time.

-- John Grigsby, Loudoun County

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10thdistrictrepublican said:

I was very disappointed in the way the convention was held this past year as well. People on both sides were calling each other names and not being very friendly and the convention itself was a disaster since I witnessed it personally. I could tell as soon as everyone was assembled the Stirrup folks would not be winning and their strategy led by their campaign manager was to delay the proceedings. The Rich folks were clearly flustered and frustrated and did NOT handle the siutation well at all in my opinion. We should have had a third party outside the district moderating the convention.

All that being said, the convention was bad but the way some of the Stirrup supporters behaved towards Mr. Wolf all the way up to the election was awful. This was no pay to tread a well respected Republican congressman. Mrs. Stirrups campaign manager from Warren County did his best to attempt to destroy this fine republican and several othere were helping him all the way. All the unsolicited emails were just awful. We never heard from these folks before the convention and Mr. Wolf has been in office for over 20 years. I guess they did get their revenge.

Bottom Line: Both sides were bad and I hope this never happens again.

Jack said:

"the convention itself was a disaster since I witnessed it personally."

So, you're the reason it was a disaster?

10thdistrictrepublican said:

Sorry about the poor grammar structure, I mean I personally witnessed the disaster, in other words, I attended the convention.

zimzo said:

It's nice to see that Jack can be kind of mean and rude to other people besides me.

Jack, if you and I stick together long enough I think we can alienate everyone who does not share our unique brand of genius.

kevin said:

That video was pretty great, except for the 12 minutes of blankscreen at the end. But other than that, good editing. Things aren't usually that heated?

Loudoun Conservative said:

10th District R -- I think we can all agree that it shouldn't happen again. McHugh hasn't acted at Stirrup's behest since the convention ended. His post-convention behavior was entirely his own. I supported Stirrup in the Convention. I, and almost all Stirrup supporters I've talked to, are vocal public supporters of Congressman Wolf. McHugh's attacks on the Congressman are his own responsibility and we want no part of them.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

I am glad to hear that, Loudoun Conservative. I was a Stirrup supporter as well and it just really upset me the way a few them behaved after the convention leading up to the election. Unfortunately her association with Mr. McHugh and his small band of followers and the like as damaged her future chances for the chair post. A few of the Stirrup supporters with their own "agendas" and special interests have damaged a good conservative activist.

In the end I think the 10th district leadership got their act togther and did a much better job this year coordinating activities. They are not were they should be but they did much better. We can thank Mrs. Stirrup's strong challenge for this.

Loudoun Conservative said:

I think you are correct, 10th Dist R. There seemed to be some positive effects when it came to the 10th Dist Comm trying to be a little better at providing leadership in their district and working with the unit committees. It remains to be seen what Rich will do when Frank Wolf isn't on the ballot, but I did see some improvements this year.

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